What foods to eat for Hepatitis C patients

Hepatitis C is a type of viral hepatitis caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. It is mainly transmitted by blood transfusions, acupuncture and drug use. What foods to eat for Hepatitis C patients?
1, Hepatitis C diet should be light and easy to digest food-based
Patients with hepatitis C diet should be light and easy to digest food-based, rather than eat some good, bring the burden on the liver food, for example, should not eat too greasy, fried, spicy spicy food.
2, Hepatitis C patients eat fungus food is good
Hepatitis C [...]

What diet taboos hepatitis B patients

Many people think that hepatitis B patients with poor immunity, need to supplement nutrition, so many kinds of food to eat constantly, in fact, is not the more the better nutrition in patients with hepatitis B, hepatitis B patients pay attention to diet, should eat to eat, should not eat do not eat. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine in patients with diet taboo very seriously, think various food attribute chills and fever ofdifferent thickness, the smell has the special because of sickness, must have a choice. In [...]

Does permanent validity after hepatitis B vaccination?

For now, the most effective means for the prevention of hepatitis B virus infection is hepatitis B vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccine is used to prevent hepatitis B specific drugs. After vaccination, can stimulate the immune system to produce protective antibodies that exist in human body fluids, hepatitis B virus occur, the antibody will immediately effect, to clear and prevent infection, and will not harm the liver, so that the body with the prevention of hepatitis B immunity, so as to achieve the purpose of the prevention of hepatitis [...]

Contraindicated in patients with three positive hepatitis B

Three positive hepatitis B patients for the occurrence of harm is relatively large, will not only harm the patient’s health, but also to the patient’s family brought large economic burden, so we must be against this disease have a correct understanding, then what are hepatitis B positive patients can not make a taboo?
When suffering from hepatitis B three positive future, they need to pay attention to the daily diet, a reasonable diet, science diet, can provide a rich body of nutrients, adequate nutrients, in order to ensure the [...]

Hepatitis B HBeAg is how it developed cirrhosis of the liver

Hepatitis B HBeAg patients with relatively well control, but if it is, when you do not get Hepatitis B HBeAg treatment, then Hepatitis B HBeAg will deteriorate, that is, we often say that the sicker, eventually along cirrhosis, liver cancer this road went up. So, what exactly is how Hepatitis B HBeAg develop into cirrhosis of the liver?
Hepatitis B HBeAg presence of hepatitis B virus in vivo much quantity,, copy infection active and hepatitis B virus or liver virus, would Hepatitis B HBeAg patients  liver, resulting in very [...]