The nutritional value and effectiveness of dried small shrimps

Dried small shrimps high nutritional value, it is to measure the nutritional value of the protein content, it contains 39.3 grams per 100 grams.
Another great feature of Dried small shrimps is the mineral quantity, variety, in addition to containing terrestrial, freshwater organisms lack of iodine content of iron, calcium, phosphorus is also very rich in calcium and phosphorus content per 100 grams of Dried small shrimps is 991 mg and 582 mg. So, shrimp known as “calcium store,” said.
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These foods make you brain clever – brain puzzle food

What foods eat to make you brain clever, brain puzzle foods:
1. Ginger contains gingerol. Makes blood flow more smoothly, providing more nutrients to the brain.
2. Soy, rich in lecithin, useful for enhancing memory.
3. Carrots, helps to enhance brain metabolism.
4. Walnuts, contain more high-quality protein and fatty acids, beneficial for the growth of brain cells.
5. Chestnuts, rich in lecithin, protein and zinc, help to improve the sensitivity of thinking.
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Magnesium foods strong bones

Studies show that: in aspects of bone health, milk and other calcium-rich foods is indeed very important, but equally important magnesium-rich foods. A balanced diet and a healthy diet are key people to get adequate amounts of important trace elements such as calcium and magnesium. Magnesium-rich foods include: peanuts, oats, dark chocolate, almonds, cashews, tofu, lentils, bananas and green leafy vegetables.
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Do you know what kind of vitamins do you lack

What kind of vitamins you lack? when you have following symptom:
1. Dry eye: lack of vitamin A, carotene;
2. Bad breath: lack of vitamin B6, zinc;
3. Teeth are not strong: lack of vitamin A, calcium, iron;
4. Lips dry and peeling: lack of vitamin A, B2;
5. Anemia, cold hands and feet: lack of vitamin B6, iron folic acid;
6. Fatigue, poor energy: lack of vitamin B1, B2, B6;
7. Multi alopecia, dandruff and more: lack of vitamin A, B6, zinc and calcium.
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Eating black food good for kidney function

Black foods help improve the kidney, bladder and bone closely related metabolism and  the reproductive system functions. Can regulate physiological functions of the body, stimulating the endocrine system, promote saliva secretion, promote gastrointestinal digestion and enhance hematopoietic function, delay aging also have some effect. Representatives of Food: black sesame, black fungus, black beans, mushrooms, black rice, shrimp, shellfish.
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20 healthy tips to gain weight – How to gain weight

In the frail crowd, a great part of the people there gastrointestinal problems, which with the individual’s diet has a great relationship. Folloing are 20 healthy tips to gain weight:
1. Can not eat too much spices: pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin and other spices have certain natural mutagenicity and toxicity.
2. Meals at their own pace: Do not eat the pace with the others, so in order to give full play to the role of the digestive function.
3. Do not eat standing: standing eating, can inhibit the normal gastrointestinal functioning.
4. Not eat [...]

What foods to eat to avoid zinc deficiency of children – Children Zinc deficiency how do

Zinc is an essential trace element the human body. Child’s growth and development plays an important role in promoting. Zinc deficiency may be a variety of children’s diseases, not only the diminutive weight gain, and rough skin, dry hair soft and yellow buds will impair its function, so taste changes, appear tasteless diet, anorexia and pica. In addition, children deficiency also susceptible to colds, pneumonia and bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.
Zinc is mainly supplemented through diet, just eat more the following foods would not have happened of zinc [...]

What the crowd of eat snake meat, usage and dosage

For the crowd ate of snake meat:
1. Is particularly suitable for rheumatic arthralgia, numbness, allergic skin diseases, spondylitis, bone tuberculosis, joint tuberculosis, lymphatic system and peripheral nerve palsy consumption.
2. Sores dont eat.
1. Snake, its meat, skin, gall bladder, liver, intestines, blood etc edible.
2. Snake meat must be cooked before it is safe to eat.
3. Raw drink snake blood, swallow Snake is very unsanitary, there must be a certain degree of risk, can cause acute gastroenteritis and parasitic diseases.
4. Processing of snake meat, of snake meat can not soaking, [...]