What fish pregnant women should not eat?

Pregnant women should not eat fish high lead content such as tuna, tilefish, mackerels, swordfish, shark, King mackerel, etc., it is best not to eat these fish pregnant women to prevent lead into the nerve center of the body harm the fetus.
Salted fish: salted fish contains a lot of dimethyl sulfoxide nitrate, into the body can be transformed into highly carcinogenic dimethylnitrosamine, increasing the risk of cancer of the fetus.

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What fish to eat beneficial for pregnant women

Whether marine fish or freshwater fish are beneficial for pregnant women and fetal body, most marine fish have the necessary nutrients During Pregnancy, so pregnant women eat what fish is best? Note that it is best not same time eat tilefish, king mackerel, swordfish, shark, King mackerel, etc., because these fish, the body of lead high into the body can damage the fetal central nervous system.
To ensure that pregnant women eating fish green pollution-free, avoid eating fish be contaminated water, the following specific talk about the role and [...]

What pregnant women to eat – good for baby intelligence

Do you know what pregnant women to eat, then good for baby intelligence?
Folic acid, folic acid may affect fetal development of the brain and spinal cord, if pregnant women consume enough folic acid will reduce the probability of fetal neural tube defects.
Calcium, calcium can make brain cells against harmful stimuli, but also ensure that the work of the brain simultaneously excited brain inhibition produced, in addition, pregnant women, calcium supplements also helps fetal growth and development of bones.
Soy products (proteins), pregnant women eat a lot of soy products will [...]

Pregnant women can eat wax gourd

Wax gourd is rich in copper, copper is essential to human health micronutrients, for blood, central nervous system and the immune system, hair, skin and bone tissue as well as brain and liver, heart and other organs in the development and function have a major impact.
Wax gourd effectiveness are: diuretic swelling, weight loss, heat and hot weather.
Medicinal value are: lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, kidney, weight loss and lipid-lowering effect.
Wax gourd also has good cosmetic features.
Pregnant women can eat wax gourd?
Pregnant women can eat, pregnant women eat wax [...]

12 kinds of essential nutrients during pregnancy

Do you know what kinds of essential nutrients During Pregnancy?
1, α- linolenic acid plant Brain Gold
α- linolenic acid in plant nutrition scholars have brain gold in the world, it with its metabolite DHA is the source of your baby smarter. If the mother body lacks α- linolenic acid, then the baby will have brain development, mental retardation, intellectual impairment, body retardation, poor vision and other symptoms.
Day supplementary volume: World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women supplement daily dosage of 1300 mg should be appropriate.
Food sources: people in their daily [...]

Pregnant women can eat pecans

Pecans is a delicious and nutritious nuts in a general population are fit to eat, is one of everyone’s favorite leisure healthy snacks, and eat there benefit of brain, kidney, skin, lower cholesterol, relieve fatigue and other benefits. But pregnant women as one of the more special populations, they can eat pecans? Pregnant mothers eat pecans What are the benefits?
Pregnant moms can certainly be eating pecans, but do not eat more, 5-8 pieces a day more appropriate. Because pecans fat content (40% -50%) is relatively high, but it [...]

Pregnant women can eat broccoli

Broccoli has anti-cancer function. Broccoli vitamin K can maintain vascular toughness, not easy to break. High vitamin C content of broccoli, not only conducive to human growth and development, and more importantly, can improve immune function and promote liver detoxification, enhance people’s physical fitness, increase resistance to disease.
Pregnant women can eat broccoli?
Pregnant women can eat.
Broccoli contains a substance called SGS, this material can be stabilized pregnant woman’s blood pressure, relieve anxiety.
Broccoli is rich in vitamin C and rich in folic acid, pregnant women can enhance immunity, promote the [...]

There are four taboos in pregnant women eating grapes

Pregnant women eating grapes have the following taboos:
1, Can not drink water immediately after eating grapes
After the eating grapes not drink water immediately, otherwise, less than a quarter of an hour will be diarrhea. Originally, the grape itself intestines laxative effect, drink water immediately after eating grapes, stomach had not a chance to digest and absorb water will dilute the gastric acid, grape and water, sharp stomach acid oxidation, fermentation, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, it produced diarrhea. However, this is not the bacteria that cause diarrhea, diarrhea after’ll died [...]

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