Pregnant women can eat bayberry?

Bayberry Nutrient Analysis
Bayberry nutritious rich, pulp contains protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium and other trace elements and vitamins C and glucose and other nutrients, there is thirst, spleen appetizer and other effects. Furthermore bayberry contains citric acid, oxalic acid, lactic acid, could promote digestion, increase appetite. Fruit per 100 g of water containing 91.l g of protein 0.9 g, fat 0.9 g, carbohydrates 5.2 g, 33 kcal of heat, crude fiber 1.0 g, ash 0.9 g, calcium 11 mg, phosphorus 36 mg, iron 1.8 mg, [...]

Pregnant women can eat corn? Postpartum can eat corn? Infants can eat corn?

Corn belongs to whole grains. More than 70% starch content, dietary fiber is abundant. In normal corn zein protein, the lack of lysine and tryptophan, low biological value protein than wheat. In addition, corn vitamin B1, B2 content is higher, minerals phosphorus, potassium, magnesium-based, its potassium content is higher than white rice noodles. Yellow corn grain containing zeaxanthin, has strong antioxidant, for the prevention of macular degeneration and other diseases have a certain effect. Special maize varieties, such as high-lysine corn, high-oil corn, higher nutritional value than ordinary [...]

Pregnant women can eat jujubes? Postpartum can eat jujubes? Infants can eat jujubes?

Jujube rich nutritious, the most prominent feature is the high content of vitamins, “natural vitamin pills” in the world. Jujube vitamin C content is the highest of all fruits and vegetables, in addition to vitamin P and K, calcium, phosphorus and other mineral content is high.
Jujube of effect:
Can enhance human immunity, inhibit cancer cells.
Can improve the in vivo phagocytosis of monocytes and promote protein synthesis, increased serum total protein content.
Can improve anemia, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption and improve the metabolism of ischemic myocardium, it can prevent cardiovascular disease.
Pregnant [...]

Pregnant women can eat peanuts? Postpartum can eat peanuts? Infants can eat peanuts?

Peanuts are rich in fat and protein, also rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and other vitamins and calcium, iron and other minerals. Studies have shown that peanuts have some medicinal value and health care functions, such as lowering cholesterol, delay aging, and promote children’s bone development and prevention of tumors. With malnutrition, eat less frail, dry cough with little sputum, hemoptysis, by epistaxis teeth bleed, skin purpura, less maternal milk and dry stools and other diseases have a therapeutic effect.
Pregnant women can [...]

Pregnant women can eat apricot? Postpartum can eat apricots? Infants can eat apricot?

Apricots features and efficacy:
1. Apricot fruit bright color, juicy flesh, sweet flavor, occupy an important position in the fruit market. Apricot meat nutritious, rich in carotene and inorganic salts, higher nutritional value of fruit. Apricot meat can be processed into dried apricot, dried apricots, apricots wine, plum, apricots, canned apricots juice.
2. Apricots edible effect:
Apricots contain more flavonoids, flavonoids have a role in the prevention of heart disease and reduce myocardial infarction.
Apricot fruit with good curative effects, occupies an important position in Chinese herbal medicine in treating lung cold, [...]

Pregnant women can eat shrimp?

Many pregnant women will feel, shrimp seafood is toxic heat, and therefore not suitable to eat when pregnancy. However, shrimp, but it is a calcium quite high food, then eat shrimp in the end it is suitable for pregnant women? Let us into this article – Pregnant women can eat shrimp?
Pregnant women from the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy should eat more calcium-containing foods, because from the beginning of the fourth month of fetal development to bone up. The shrimp is high in calcium, so pregnant [...]