Allergic Children Eating Tips

A considerable part of children are allergic constitution, often dermatitis, eczema and other allergic disorders plagued. Such atopic skin inflammation long duration, recurrent, itchy uncomfortable, scratching and easy to scratch the skin and induce bacterial infections, but also make parents distressed. The whole story, in addition to genetic factors, the food played an important role in the pathogenesis of meat, milk, eggs and other animal foods as its culprit.
Allergic Children Eating Tips
Therefore, the reduction of animal foods, increase the proportion of brown rice, vegetables can make allergic constitution [...]

Children with kidney stones can not eat chocolate and spinach

Children with kidney stones should drink plenty of water, to avoid eating chocolate and spinach soup, so as not to delay the treatment of the disease. Children with kidney stones must not eat chocolate and spinach soup, because these two kinds of foods contain high levels of oxalic acid, oxalic acid is to limit the discharge of substances, consumption of these two foods is not conducive to the discharge of stones in children.
Experts advise, infants and young children suffering from kidney stones, parents do not panic, less than [...]

Baby diarrhea should be cautious of drinking fruit juice

Infants and young children after diarrhea, please do not give their children to drink some juice, because it can make the symptoms of diarrhea, and even make diarrhea chronic, long-term unhealed. A Dutch scientist conducted a study that found that some 14 to 25-month-old children with chronic diarrhea were associated with eating juice and soon became fatal after stopping feeding their fruit juice. Scientists at the University of Connecticut in the United States also found similar findings.
Why can drinking juice (such as apple juice, peach juice, grape juice, [...]

Breastfeeding mothers nutritional requirements

On the mother breast-feeding of infants, the source of nutrition for the growth and development of all come from the mother’s milk, so the mother must ensure their plenty of milk and rich nutrition, so we must pay attention to the diet nutrition, especially the contents of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins to be rich. If these nutrients are lacking, it will not only bring adverse effects on the mother’s physical fitness, but also reduce the milk secretion, which will directly affect the growth and development of the [...]

How to add folic acid , calcium, iron after pregnancy?

With the progress of society, people’s living standards improve, absolute malnutrition situation is gradually reduced. But the face of increasingly rich ingredients, mothers are still a lot of doubts: in the end how to eat to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, while eating their own comfortable health?
During Pregnancy, the family is most worried about is pregnant women can not get enough nutrition, the elders always feel pregnant two people should eat double, and really is it?
In fact, during pregnancy, pregnant women do not need to [...]

Postpartum diet What are the precautions

Postpartum mothers should immediately breastfeeding newborns, and infants 1 year old is best to eat breast milk, experts say breast milk is the baby’s most natural nutrition, so mother postpartum, diet should pay attention to, so what needs attention?
Consumption of MSG has a serious impact on infant development, may result in infant mental retardation, growth retardation and other adverse consequences, so my mother is best not to eat MSG in lactation.
During the mother to pay attention to diet light, do not eat spicy food and carbohydrates, and nutrition [...]

What foods pregnant women eat nutritious and would not gain weight

Pregnant mother knows that for the healthy development of the fetus, the need to ensure that complement a variety of nutrients, therefore, need to eat a variety of healthy During Pregnancy, nutritious food, but mothers also have a concern, eat nutritious food so much, will not make themselves fat it? worried postpartum unable to maintain a good body, where specifically recommended for pregnant mom pregnant women not to eat a nutritious fat 15 kinds of food.
1, whole wheat bread —- supplementation with iron and zinc
If you eat whole [...]

What nutrition diet during pregnancy beneficial baby visual development

Before and after birth if a serious lack of HDA, will appear optic neuritis, blurred vision and even blindness. But is not recommended for pregnant women to eat fish canned food, it is best to buy fresh fish cooking. Pregnant women eat at least once per week of fish.
In addition to the class of fish oil, the mothers should eat more foods containing carotene and green leafy vegetables to prevent vitamin A, B, E deficiency. Especially severe pregnancy reaction, continuing a long time, and even affect the eating, [...]

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