Five nutrients help baby brain growth and development

Every parent and father and mother want their baby to be smart and healthy. In addition to the child’s own development, parents can also give the baby eat food that helps the child’s brain growth and development. So, what exactly nutrients can help your baby grow smarter? Let’s learn together
Five nutrients help baby brain growth and development
First, antioxidants can protect the brain
Free radicals increase with age, and flowing free radicals break down the cells of the brain in the bloodstream. Antioxidants can fight the damage caused by free [...]

How to prevent 1-3-year-old baby calcium and zinc iron deficiency and vitamins?

1-3-year-old baby body growth rate is very fast, this time the mothers must give the baby a good nutrition off, from the diet, nutritional balance, etc., for the effective arrangements for the baby. Any kind of lack of nutrients, such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins, etc., will have a significant impact on the baby’s healthy growth.
For 1-3-year-old baby, if the diet is not organized, or baby picky eaters, partial eclipse, anorexia bad eating habits, or frequent diarrhea, respiratory infections, poor appetite lead to gastrointestinal malnutrition, it is prone [...]

What fruits to eat suitable for pregnant women in winter?

Winter pregnant women eat fruit knowledge, winter pregnant mother is suitable to eat these fruits:
What fruits to eat suitable for pregnant women in winter?
1, Aapple
Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, malic acid tannic acid and fine fibers, many pregnant women afraid of fat, eat more apples can prevent over-obesity, while fetal development helpful. Apple also regulate gastrointestinal function. If you can eat with skin, regardless of constipation or diarrhea can improve, pregnant women suffering from constipation may wish to try. Common outpatient pregnant women look bad, mostly [...]

9 kinds of foods pregnant women should not eat

What foods pregnant women should not eat? Follow list foods pregnant women should not eat:
1, Eat less spicy food: pepper, pepper, pepper and other condiments more irritating, more food can cause constipation in normal people. Therefore, we recommend that you try to avoid such food intake.
2, To avoid alcohol: alcohol is an important factor in fetal malformations and mental retardation.
3, To avoid eating too much sugar: If regular consumption of high-sugar foods, often cause glucose disorders, and even become potential diabetic patients.
4, To avoid eating MSG: MSG is glutamate composition, [...]

Infants within 1 year old should not drink honey

Honey nutritious diet is the public to share. Many new mums also add honey to complementary foods for infants and young children to regulate their taste and increase their nutritional value. However, experts point out that infants and young children less than 1 year old are not suitable for consumption of honey.
Infants within 1 year old should not drink honey
Dietitians said that honey during brewing, transportation, vulnerable to Botox contamination, because bees pollen in the process of pollination may be contaminated pollen and honey back to the beehive. [...]

What foods can not eat during pregnancy? -Do not eat these eight kinds of food during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period of life, and many new demands have been placed on women’s habits. Take food and drink, some food was originally your favorite, but at this time you have to temporarily alienate them. If you are still “intimate” with them, you will eat more of them, which will be detrimental to your baby in your abdomen. So what food should be estranged?
Do not eat these eight kinds of food During Pregnancy
1. Spinach
Speaking of spinach people may be somewhat surprised, spinach is rich in iron [...]

Pregnant women should eat 6 large nutritious food in winter

Cold winter, pregnant mother’s special physical needs more care and love. The usual diet table We can eat these materials to cook delicious and nutritious food.
Pregnant women should eat 6 large nutritious food in winter
Honey can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm and sleep, improve the body’s resistance, to promote the growth and development of infants and young children have a positive effect. Honey contains almost all the nutrients in vegetables. Drink 3 – 4 tablespoons of honey daily in winter, both to supplement nutrition, but also [...]

Infants and young children can drink yogurt?

Yogurt is ideal for infants and young children. Physiological characteristics of infants and young children is rapid growth and development, the need for nutrition, but the stomach capacity is small, so should choose nutrients with high energy density of food. Drinking of yogurt in four areas can prove to be the ideal baby food.
1. Nutrients, high energy density. Yogurt and milk are similar, easy to digest, especially suitable for infants and young immature digestive system.
2. Yogurt contains galactose. Galactose is a component of cerebroside that forms the brain [...]

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