Pregnant women be careful to eat eggplant

Eggplant with clean heat and stop bleeding, anti swelling and reduce pain efficacy, for heat toxin carbuncle sores, skin ulcers, mouth sores, hemorrhoids, blood, blood in the stool, epistaxis, etc.
Eggplant contains vitamin E, to prevent bleeding and anti-aging functions, eat eggplant, can not increase blood cholesterol levels, for delay human aging has a positive meaning.
Pregnant women can eat eggplant?
Pregnant women be careful to eat.
Because eggplant cold, so the body has indigestion, easy to diarrhea, spleen and stomach Deficiency, loose stools symptoms Pregnant women should not eat more.
Old eggplant [...]

Pregnant women can eat chanterelles

Chanterelles are one of the four famous world famous bacteria. Chanterelles are rich in nutrients carotene, vitamin C, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. It is sweet, cold, with a clear head, benefit lung, stomach beneficial effect. Eat the bacteria can prevent vision loss, ophthalmia, dry skin and other diseases. According to clinical validation abroad, chanterelles also have some anti-cancer activity, growth and spread of cancer cells, there is a certain Inhibit role.
Pregnant women can eat chanterelles?
Pregnant women can eat, but do not eat more, because chanterelles [...]

Pregnant women can eat red mushrooms

Nutritional value of red mushroom:Red mushroom containing protein, carbohydrates, minerals, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, and other foods containing rare niacin, trace elements iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese. Red mushroom containing human essential amino acids and other ingredients, there is nourishing yin, kidney, lungs, blood, brain, beauty and other effects, often eat, physical health, longevity. Meanwhile red mushroom polysaccharides containing anti-cancer substances, help blood circulation, reduce blood cholesterol, inhibit cancer metastasis, therapy for the treatment of acute spinal cord optic nerve disease also have a certain effect. [...]

Pregnant women can eat Nostoc flagelliforme

Nostoc slightly salty, cold, can Disperse phlegm, clearing heat, and diuresis. Nostoc containing red algae prion, cholesteric, polysaccharide, eighteen acid, pyruvic acid and other ingredients. Nostoc flagelliforme used for gall node gas, heating irritability, urine negative. Nostoc flagelliforme of thyroid enlargement, scrofulous, beriberi, nose bleeding, iron deficiency anemia, hypertension and gynecological diseases have a certain effect. In recent years, the study found, Nostoc flagelliforme also has the drive roundworm, hypolipidemic effect. It is also clear intestines and stomach, aid digestion function. After the operation the patient, eat some nostoc flagelliforme, faster [...]

Pregnant women be careful to eat black fungus

Black fungus in the gum can be left in the human digestive system dust, impurities adsorbed together, excreted, and thus play a role in gastrointestinal purify. At the same time, it also helps digest fiber material features of inadvertently eating the indigestible hair, rice husk, wood residues, sand, metal shavings and other foreign matter has dissolved and molten effect, therefore, it is the mining, chemical and textile workers in essential health food. It gallstones, kidney stones and other foreign objects also have more endogenous significantly defuse the function.
Pregnant [...]

Pregnant women be careful to eat lentils

Lentils are very rich in nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and dietary fiber, carotenoids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and cyanogenic glycosides, tyrosine enzymes; cancer patients should always eating lentils, there are certain auxiliary therapeutic efficacy.
Pregnant women can eat lentils?
Pregnant women can eat lentils, but be careful to eat:
Lentils contain hemagglutinin, if not cooked to eat, often cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Always cook thoroughly when fried, so that this toxic substance at a high temperature denaturation inactivated before assured safe to eat.
Once can [...]

Pregnant women can eat sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are rich in starch, of which 10% to 20% for β starch, dietary fiber can play as a regulator of intestinal flora, prevent constipation, prevent colon cancer and reduce cholesterol. Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium, potassium and other minerals, and vitamins C heat resistance was significantly higher than ordinary vegetables. In addition, sweet potatoes are very low in fat and calories, can partially replace white rice noodles as a staple food, contribute to weight loss. Sweet potatoes have “longevity [...]

Pregnant women can eat carrots

Carrots nutritious rich, known as “little ginseng,” said. Carrots are rich in nutrients carbohydrates, essential oils, carotenoids,, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyanins, calcium, and iron. Efficacy: Tonifying Liver eyesight, diaphragmatic wide intestinal, spleen except for malnutrition,enhance immune function, hypoglycemic lipid-lowering.
Pregnant women can eat carrots?
Can eat.
Long-term in air-conditioned environment and urban pollution in the external environment, it will directly affect the respiratory mucosa defense function, resulting in decreased body resistance. Pregnant women should eat carrots, increase vitamin A (carotene) intake, improve their immunity.
Maternal can eat carrots?
Can eat.
Long-term in air-conditioned [...]