Pregnant women can eat yuba (bean curd stick)

Protein content per 100 grams Yuba up to 45 grams, the content of vitamin E, calcium,phosphorus, iron, riboflavin content equivalent to or more than livestock meat, and contains a variety of amino acids needed by the body. At the same time, Yuba with good brain function, it can prevent the occurrence of senile dementia. In addition, also lecithin Yuba contained in the lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis effect.
Pregnant women can eat bean curd stick?
Pregnant women can eat.
Yuba is bean products, nutrition is rich, can protein supplement for pregnant women, so you can eat, but to pay attention to the selection of qualified formal Yuba products.
Mothers can eat yuba?
Can eat.
Yuba is bean products, nutrition is rich, can add protein for women, so you can eat, but to pay attention to the selection of qualified formal Yuba products.
Infants can eat bean curd stick?
Yuba is rich in nutrition, but weak [...]

Pregnant women can eat asparagus

Regular consumption of asparagus for heart disease, high blood pressure, heart rate too fast, fatigue, edema, cystitis, dysuria and other diseases have a certain effect.
Asparagus on cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, nephritis, gallstones, liver dysfunction and obesity are beneficial.
Asparagus contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements in quality better than ordinary vegetables. International Association for Research on Cancer sufferers believe that asparagus can grow the cells normalize the function of preventing the spread of cancer.
Pregnant women can eat asparagus?
Pregnant women can eat.
Asparagus is rich in folic acid, is an [...]

Pregnant women can not eat aloe vera

Aloe vera is rich in niacin, vitamin B6, is bitter stomachic laxative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect repair of gastric mucosa and is conducive to gastritis, gastric ulcer treatment, can promote ulcer healing. For burn and scald, aloe vera can also have a good anti-infection, help the healing effect.
Pregnant women can eat aloe vera?
Pregnant women can not eat aloe vera, it can not take a supplement containing aloe vera ingredients, and the use of skin care products containing aloe vera ingredients. Taking aloe vera may cause gastrointestinal adverse reactions, such [...]

Pregnant women can not eat shepherd’s purse

Shepherd’s purse has high medicinal value, commonly used in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage, dysentery, edema, colitis, ulcers, colds, fever, red eyes and swollen pain embolism.
Pregnant women can eat shepherd’s purse?
Pregnant women can not eat.
shepherd’s purse extract a similar make oxytocin like uterine contractions role. If pregnant women eat shepherd’s purse, can easily lead to lower blood gestational or fetal irritability, and even lead to miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant women not eat shepherd’s purse.
Maternal can eat shepherd’s purse?
Maternal can eat.
Shepherd’s purse is a kind of delicious vegetables, but also [...]

Pregnant women can eat Dictyophora

Dictyophora is nourishing and strong, brain, tranquilizing the mind and fitness, Moistening lung cough, clearing away heat and promoting diuresis effect; Dictyophora can protect the liver, reduce abdominal wall fat accumulation, have known the role of “scraping oil”. Modern medical studies have proven that Dictyophora can inhibit tumor containing ingredients.
Pregnant women can eat Dictyophora?
Pregnant women can eat Dictyophora, Dictyophora long-term consumption can be adjusted in the elderly lipids and fatty acids, can cure diarrhea, toothache disease, bronchitis, leukemia, rheumatism, gynecological diseases, cancer and anti-cancer effects are also good. But Dictyophora [...]

Pregnant women can eat taro? Postpartum can eat taro? Infants can eat taro?

Taro nutritious rich, which contain up to 18 percent carbohydrates, mainly starch; containing about 2% protein, fat little. Taro also contain a variety of ingredients, potassium, calcium, carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins, saponin, of which high content of fluorine, have a role in protecting the teeth.
Taro contains a natural plant polysaccharide colloid, can increase appetite, help digestion, there is antidiarrheal effect; while rich in dietary fiber, can be laxative to prevent constipation; and can improve the body’s resistance to disease and help convalescence.
Pregnant women can eat taro?
Can eat.
Taro [...]

Pregnant women be careful to eat cassava? Postpartum be careful to eat cassava? Infants can not eat cassava?

Cassava is rich in starch. Cassava flour high quality and fit for human consumption, or make alcohol, fructose, glucose and other industry. Inclusive of all parts of the cassava cyanogenic glycosides, poisonous. Fleshy part of fresh cassava, subject to blisters, drying and other processing before consumption detoxification. Due to perishable fresh cassava, usually after the harvest is processed into starch, dried tablets as soon as possible.
Pregnant women can eat cassava?
Be careful to eat.
The species of poisonous plants, and its toxicity for the whole plant toxic to fresh tuber [...]

Pregnant women can eat mushrooms? Postpartum can eat mushrooms? Infants can eat mushrooms?

Mushrooms rich nutrition, selenium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, tryptophan and excellent food sources of vitamin B2, B3, B5′s. Mushrooms are also rich in zinc, manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium and protein and vitamins B1 and B6, folic acid, dietary fiber.
Mushrooms with improved immunity, analgesic, sedative, stop cough and phlegm, anti cancer, bowel detoxification and other effects.
Pregnant women can eat mushrooms?
Pregnant women Can eat.
But diarrhea were careful to eat; fasting poisonous wild mushrooms.
Maternal can eat mushrooms?
Can eat.
But diarrhea were careful to eat; fasting poisonous wild mushrooms.
Infants can eat mushrooms?
Can eat.
Mushroom younger [...]