The impact of vitamins on baby immunity

Vitamins are one of the factors that babies can not lack, but vitamins can not make up for it either. What exactly is going on? Let’s see. Different vitamins have different special effects on the immune system.
Vitamin A: can enhance the skin, mucosal barrier function, but also can promote the synthesis of immunoglobulin, activation of lymphocyte function.
Vitamin B6: can promote lymphocyte proliferation, build the body’s internal defense system.
Vitamin C: can promote the formation of antibodies, improve phagocytosis of white blood cells, and can promote the virus nucleic acid [...]

The role of protein in growth and development

Protein is a complex organic compound, which exists in the body’s chemical organization, its content is second only to water, accounting for about 18% of body weight, is an important part of the body cells and body fluids, so protein is the material basis of all life . How to recognize the role of protein in children’s growth and development?
First, from the physiological function of the protein to understand. The physiological functions of the protein are the following:
1, constitute and repair organizations. The body’s muscles, bones, skin, blood [...]

Lutein supplement to maintain good baby vision

Effect of Lutein on Vision Myopia is now common in children, young, you must wear a pair of heavy glasses, the eyes of the children covered with water Wang Wang! Want to keep your baby’s eyesight good? Lutein is an important element that protects the eyes and slows the aging of the eyes. Through the intake of adequate fruits and vegetables, especially dark green vegetables, red yellow fruits and vegetables to supplement lutein; also in daily life to avoid overuse, maintain the good habits of the eye, in [...]

Eat lecithin to make the baby smarter

Fetal and infancy is a critical period for the development of the baby’s brain. At this time, the nutrition required for the development of the nervous tissue is sufficient, which directly affects the baby’s brain development and future intellectual development.
Among the many nutrients, lecithin plays a very important role in the development of the brain and nervous system and has been called the advanced neurotrophic factor by experts.
We know that the baby’s brain development includes two very important aspects, one is the size and number of brain cells, [...]

Baby brain development of eight kinds of key elements

What are the key elements for Baby brain development ?
DHA – helps babies Infancy to grow up, intelligence continues to lead
DHA, scientific name docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as “brain gold.” It is an important structural component of the central nervous system, the main body of human brain fat, accounting for 50% of brain tissue, DHA in the brain accounts for 35% to 45% of the total fat content, it is in promoting the baby’s intelligence and visual aspects Play a key role. Clinical research found that: DHA has a significant [...]

Vitamin A supplement to the children eat yellow fruit

The chemical name of vitamin A is retinol, which is also the earliest discovered vitamin. There are two types of vitamin A: one is vitamin A alcohol, only exists in animal foods; the other is carotene, vitamin A in the body into a pre-product, from plant and animal foods Ingest. So, what foods contain more abundant vitamin A?
Professor Robert M. Russell, director of the Jean-Mayer Center for Human Aging nutrition at Tufts University, the largest nutrition research center in the world, told reporters in an interview that their [...]

What fungi food most suitable for children to eat?

Flammulina, black fungus, mushrooms most suitable for children to eat.
First, Flammulina
Flammulina contains the necessary growth and development of children lysine, arginine, to promote children’s memory, the development of children’s intelligence has a special role, often referred to as “mushroom”; which contains vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus to promote Digestion and absorption of the role and make it deposited in the bones and teeth, to promote children’s bones, teeth, growth and development, prevention of rickets can play a positive role, but spleen and stomach Deficiency of the child is not easy to [...]

One month pregnant dietary considerations

For mothers who have just been pregnant for a month, this is a crucial time, not only for taking care of the fetus, but also paying special attention to diet. Just as people say when pregnant, as long as the food to ensure that there is a variety of nutrition, diet can be based on their appetite and may be.
Nutritional supplements
Calcium: such as milk, clams, dried fish, amaranth, hair vegetables, soybeans, black beans, black sesame seeds are rich in calcium, adequate calcium can prevent tension, headache, leg cramps, [...]

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