Benefit the baby’s intellectual development of nutritional elements

reschool children’s most important is the balanced nutrition, to ensure a good physical and mental state, to meet the future school stage. In fact, the baby’s intelligence is not determined from birth, early education and nutrition in life will increase the intelligence of preschoolers.
Five kinds of nutrients to develop baby intelligence
Both substances are high in the brain. Lecithin-rich foods (egg yolk, animal brain, bone marrow, etc.) help to improve brain cell function and enhance intelligence and memory. Therefore, children before the age of 6 eat this kind of [...]

What foods to eat to avoid zinc deficiency of children – Children Zinc deficiency how do

Zinc is an essential trace element the human body. Child’s growth and development plays an important role in promoting. Zinc deficiency may be a variety of children’s diseases, not only the diminutive weight gain, and rough skin, dry hair soft and yellow buds will impair its function, so taste changes, appear tasteless diet, anorexia and pica. In addition, children deficiency also susceptible to colds, pneumonia and bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.
Zinc is mainly supplemented through diet, just eat more the following foods would not have happened of zinc [...]

What foods to eat help children sleep better

Children’s health are concerned, the parents of the child’s sleep problems is very important, how to let your baby have a good sleep is also very concerned about, here is  to eat these foods help children good sleep.
1. Milk: Milk contains two substances hypnosis, one is tryptophan, can promote brain cells secrete cause drowsiness neurotransmitter – serotonin; another one is on the physiological function of the peptide has a regulatory role class, where “opioid peptides” can be combined with the central nervous system, play a similar opiate narcotic, analgesic [...]

Children 6 years old – need daily exercise 3 hours

All know that exercise is good for children’s health, however, how long the child daily exercise is appropriate? According to the U.S. “Daily Health News” recently reported that “children and adolescents Journal of Medicine” published the latest University of Southern California study found that children under the age of 6, daily recommended amount of exercise as “exercise at least three hours.”
In 2010, the Australian Department of Health and Aging proposal, toddlers and preschoolers should exercise at least every three hours from morning till night. 2011 U.S. Institute of [...]

Children eat fish – benefit the brain and increased intelligence

Fish since ancient times because of its nutrient-rich, loved by the people, the baby in the developmental period, the nutritional needs of large, indeed fit through more fish supplement. But specific to freshwater fish is good, or saltwater fish is good, should have their pros and cons.
Saltwater fish in the brain gold content  is relatively large, the baby’s memory and ability to think of great help, but his big fat content of individual children hypoplasia digestive function, easy to cause diarrhea and other symptoms of indigestion.
Freshwater fish, then [...]