What foods to eat can increase fertility?

According to the survey, due to the increasing pressure on women to work and living environment pollution and other factors, female infertility patients, more and more female fertility continue to decrease, resulting in not pregnant. Everyday life, you can eat good food for fertility. Improve reproductive function. What foods that can increase fertility?
What foods can increase fertility?
1, zinc food: plant foods have a higher zinc than beans, peanuts, millet, carrots, cabbage, etc; animal foods, most zinc-rich oysters, in addition, beef, chicken, eggs , lamb chops, pork and other [...]

Want to have a healthy baby how conditioning diet before pregnancy

Want to have a healthy and smart baby, the preparatory work before pregnancy is particularly important. In preparation for the first six months of pregnancy, expectant mothers should begin eating conditioning.
Step / methods
First, give up dieting, choose to exercise to lose weight. Many women worry that excessive weight During Pregnancy, and therefore intends to pre-pregnancy weight down. However, at this stage we must stop dieting, only by increasing exercise to lose weight. Since the before pregnancy of the mother is often loss of appetite, baby nutrition is largely [...]

4 diet taboos prepared pregnancy

During prepare pregnant women diet carefully, in order to allow you to conceive a healthy baby intelligent, diet before pregnancy, when we pay special attention to pregnancy diet preparation, there are many taboos. So, what are taboos prepared pregnancy diet? Here will tell you, four taboos prepare pregnancy diet.
1, weight loss should be scientific. Many women may be ingested in the diet before pregnancy too many nutrients, very worried about the weight after pregnancy can cause overweight, so hopefully in body weight before pregnancy hope to be able [...]

Prenatal and postnatal care check items

Prenatal and postnatal care mainly refers to prohibit lineal and collateral consanguinity within three generations consanguineous marriage, birth defects avoid interventions, attention to prenatal care, pregnancy and labor protection. The gender differences in male and female fertility time will vary, generally the most productive women of childbearing age is about 25 to 35 years old, and is suitable for fertility among women 25 to 29 years old. Because in this age of uterine contractility is good, it is easy to avoid dystocia occurs. We all know that pregnancy [...]

Be sure to supplement these five kinds of nutrition in pre-pregnancy

Most people tend to believe that nutrition During Pregnancy is important, and for pre-pregnancy nutrition but insufficient attention. In fact, pre-pregnancy nutrition is very important for eugenics, be sure to supplement these five pre-pregnancy nutrition!
1, Protein
Protein will become absorbed by the body after the amino acids, which “arginine” is considered sperm raw materials. Protein on reproductive function, endocrine, hormonal quite important. Among food milk, soy, eggs, lean meat are rich in protein.
2, Vitamin E
Also known as tocopherol, vitamin E deficiency may testicular damage. Germ, whole grains, beans, eggs, [...]

Four bad habits threaten expectant parents – affect the baby’s health

What bad habits should affect the baby’s health?
1. Male sauna before pregnancy
Want before the baby, fathers sometimes go sauna or long car sitting on the hot seat.
Experts advise: When you want to have a baby, the expectant father past three months we should start not wash the sauna. Because overheating temperature will affect testicular sperm quality, resulting in lower quality fertilized eggs, affect the baby’s health.
2. During Pregnancy using whitening cosmetics
Many women during pregnancy continue to use skin lightening cream and other cosmetics containing lead.
Experts advise: better cosmetic [...]

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