Uptake of folic acid can improve male sperm quality

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, say men who use folic acid supplements and folic acid-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables are less likely to have sperm abnormalities.
The report, published in the journal HumanReproduction, also states that “aneuploidy” occurs in men who consume more folic acid, significantly fewer or fewer chromosomes than normal people. “The more you eat, the better, with up to 25% of men taking up to 722-1,150 μg of folic acid daily, with aneuploidy in their sperm compared with low-intake men Chances are [...]

You need know 10 Best tips for women Preparing for pregnancy

What you need know for women Preparing for pregnancy? Following 10 Best tips for women Preparing for pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the lives changing periods. It is filled with joy of having the baby as well the pain of complications. If you are going through this phase, here are some really helpful and important tips which you can consider. These tips will not only help you in reducing pain and sufferings but it will make you strong, relaxed and ready both mentally and physically. So that you can enjoy [...]

How can i get pregnant faster – Best tips to get pregnant quickly

Do you know how to get pregnant faster – Best tips to get pregnant quickly? You may have postponed your pregnancy several times due to a number of reasons be it career or financial situation. But your biological clock is ticking away, and it will not be wise to postpone pregnancy further. At this stage, it will be your wish to get pregnant faster, but things may not work out according to your plans. Many couples look for ways on how to get pregnant faster, but lack of suitable information and planning delays the event. [...]

Pregnancy to add calcium, from the preparation for pregnancy

From the time of pregnancy, women find it best to take 600 milligrams of calcium daily and stop having unnecessary weight loss if they find they have calcium deficiency. This is because a sudden increase or decrease in the amount of body fat in women is an important reason for destroying hormone balance. For example, if the amount of female fat falls below 18%, the body’s secretion of estrogen will be reduced. This will not only lead to irregular menstruation, bone mineral density will be reduced. Bone mineral [...]

Man ready to have children you also need to eat folic acid

We all know that pre-pregnancy women need folic acid supplements, because folic acid can reduce birth defects, but also can reduce the incidence of miscarriage and reduce the pregnancy reaction. Fetal health is determined by the sperm and egg, women need to add folic acid, then men also need to add folic acid?
Men also need folic acid supplement
Folic acid content in men has a crucial effect on sperm quality, if the body’s folic acid levels are too low, will reduce sperm motility, so that the chance of conception. [...]

How to reduce the birth of defective babies

It is possible to prevent or reduce the birth of a defective infant by avoiding some of the disadvantages described below. How to reduce the birth of defective babies?
1.  Try to avoid the elderly (over 35 years old) Pregnancy: Because the probability of women over the age of 35 birth of deformed children increased.
2. Male, female Any party in poor health, to avoid pregnancy: such as acute infectious diseases, viral hepatitis, rubella, influenza, etc., because these diseases may affect the quality of sperm and eggs and embryonic development. If the woman [...]

How to prepare pregnant give birth to a healthy baby

Preparation of pregnancy is a critical moment before pregnancy, add iodine, iron, calcium is luxurious in order to lay the foundation for the birth to a healthy baby.
1-2 times a week to eat seafood, you can iodine supplement.
Eat lean meat and jujube iron supplementation. Prepare pregnant women eat more iron-containing foods include liver, lean meat, black fungus, red dates and other plant foods in order to achieve the effect of subsidies.
Every day to drink milk or soy milk calcium.
Eat fruits and vegetables daily vitamin supplements.
Quit bad habits, away [...]

Preconception 3 food taboos

To give birth to a healthy baby, before pregnancy, you need to know knowledge is very much, you know, the more scientific knowledge birth, your baby’s health will have more protection. In particular knowledge of nutrition diet before pregnancy can be described as particularly important for the baby’s health and development. In before pregnancy nutrition knowledge among diet, food taboos is the top priority, so now we have a need to come together to find out. For before pregnancy nutrition diet taboos, there are three points you have [...]

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