Chemicals used in sunscreen can harm newborns – Don’t Use Sunscreen on Newborns

Chemicals used in sunscreen can harm newborns. S0 don’t Use Sunscreen on Newborns. Applying sunscreen on infants aged 6 months and younger isn’t a good idea. Chemicals used in sunscreen can harm newborns, who should avoid the sun altogether. Young babies can’t regulate body temperature properly, making them especially prone to overheating and dehydration.
The FDA recommends:
1. Keep infants out of the sun as much as possible.
2. If infants do go outside, avoid the sun when ultraviolet rays are strongest, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
3. Create a [...]

Prolonged pregnancy whether it will affect fetus’s intelligence

When the full-term fetus has been basically mature nervous system, prolonged time to pregnancy does not change the structure of the fetal nervous system, so prolonged pregnancy itself does not affect intelligence.
However, due to prolonged pregnancy when fetal placental dysfunction caused by hypoxia, can cause brain tissue damage and even mental retardation.
When prolonged pregnancy, fetal infant intelligence is affected, mainly to see the severity of hypoxia and hypoxia caused by the presence or absence of placental function decline.

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Baby abdominal distension how to do

Under normal circumstances, normal newborns, especially premature children, breast-feeding is often seen in the more obvious abdominal bulge, sometimes galactorrhea, but if the baby quiet, abdomen soft, scratching their lump normal bowel movements, growth and development of good , that is “physiological abdominal distension,” is due to neonatal abdominal muscles thin, hypotonia, and caused more gastrointestinal gas production, without treatment.
If your baby spits up significant abdominal distension and bowel poor, consider home care. Parents can pick up the baby so that the baby prone or pat his back, [...]

What kind of milk powder suitable for newborns

What kind of milk powder is suitable for newborns? Higher prices of infant formula  can replace breast milk? Experts pointed out that all of the nutrients in milk powder, breast milk contains them. Meanwhile fresh milk will increase renal solute load, the baby less than 2 years  is generally recommended not to eat . “‘Breakfast milk’, ‘active milk’, ‘flavored milk’ other milk drinks are complicated, it is best not to feed infants. Eating milk powder to the newborn, nor is stronger, the better.”
Young parents are often confused by [...]