12 kinds of methods which can effectively control the baby hiccup

Why your baby will hiccup? Most cases because of the baby’s immature nervous until after the baby grows, it will naturally improve, generally do not leave sequelae. Parents do not need to be too alarmed. But baby hiccup, mother pain in mind, here are twelve kinds of ways to effectively prevent the baby hiccup.
1, If it is hiccup, “gastroesophageal reflux” caused, may, after feeding your baby upright leaning an adult’s shoulders exhaust, do not let it lie down within half an hour and, after four months old can [...]

Prevent baby eczema five kinds of foods not to eat – How to prevent baby eczema

Eczema, also known as milk ringworm, is a common allergic skin disease of newborns and infants, mainly in infants under two years old. Eczema baby eczema and adults like to make your baby feel itching. If the scratch, then that is itching pains, very affect the baby’s sleeping and eating. In order to let the baby be healthy, then introduce eczema prevention methods.
1, For a family history of allergic diseases baby, you should try to use breastfeeding and feeding time as long as possible, try to avoid the [...]

Crib vital for the healthy growth of the baby

Like baby needs enough calcium to make bone health and development, as good sleep habits are also important for the child’s development. Children in childhood calcium deficiency can lead to poor bone development, and the consequences of osteoporosis does not appear immediately, you may want to gradually appearing before adulthood. Similarly, the lack of sleep can hinder a child’s neurological development in childhood, its consequences are not apparent at the time, may extend into young adulthood and even a lifetime.
Studies show that poor sleep and poor state of [...]

Infants can eat the rice ?

The rice protein is mainly gluten, gliadin content is low, amino acid composition is reasonable, easy to digest and absorb the body, but less lysine content.
Infants can eat the rice. The rice starch granules contained in a small, soft and delicate taste, easy to digest, more suitable for the child’s stomach than other cereals. But note that less iron in rice, rice is the only food supplement with large easy to cause anemia. The best choice for children fortified iron and protein special baby rice flour. If boiled [...]

Baby suffered protein allergy – how to relieve Allergies

1. Milk protein allergy
Milk contains a protein called β-lactoglobulin, a substance is a strong allergen, some people with allergies, there will be nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other allergic symptoms after drinking milk. Milk allergy in infants is extremely common, it is because a baby’s intestinal wall “barrier” function is not perfect, milk protein without decomposition on through into the intestinal mucosa, so that some immune cells within the mucosa are stimulated in a sensitive state , when the case of milk protein again, that will trigger an [...]

Excessive drinking of yogurt can cause tooth decay

Yogurt helps prevent gum recession and tooth loss, which may be due to lactic acid bacteria in yogurt ingredients can effectively neutralize or inhibit anaerobic bacteria infection. But the cause of periodontal disease is a major cause of neglect oral hygiene, leading to periodontal Streptococcus, Lactobacillus other anaerobic bacteria infections.
Yogurt Cordials variety, they all contain lactobacillus common characteristics. When drinking more, not mouthwash, it could lead to the generation of dental caries, because lactic acid bacilli in yogurt, easy and mucin saliva and food debris mixed together, firmly adhered [...]

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