Allergies baby food supplement Precautions

Baby eating is the most worried about Mom and Dad problems, allergy baby’s diet is particularly important, the following six basic principles of allergy baby’s diet, parents must remember!
1. Be sure to start feeding supplementary food after 6 months of age.
2. Stick to the baby’s diet record.
3. Try to use fresh seasonal ingredients, do not eat unripe fruit, do not eat raw food, eat less greasy food and sweets.
4. try to choose cooking cooking.
5. In the baby 10 months old, vegetables and fruits can be cooked before making [...]

How to choose safe personal care products for baby

How to choose safe personal care products for baby?  Parents should pay attention to any chemicals that are included in a child’s personal care products, such as lotion or body wash.

The Environmental Working Group suggests that parents:

Always read ingredient labels, and don’t blindly trust marketing claims.
Choose products that don’t contain fragrance.
Avoid use of baby powder.
Avoid products that contain the chemicals: 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3 Diol; BHAl; sodium borate; DMDM Hydantoin; oxybenzone; triclosan.

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Tactile stimulation to promote the intellectual development of the baby.

Tactile stimulation to promote the intellectual development of the baby
1, is the most important sensory tactile
The most basic of human development, the earliest tactile feeling is that it is the body’s most widely distributed and most complex sensory system. Newborn baby understand the world through touch, through multiple touch to explore and promote the movement and cognitive development. Visible, touch is one of the elements essential to the growth of the baby. After birth began to accept continuous tactile stimulation, where Mom and Dad’s embrace touch, let the [...]

Baby allergy prevention – To be careful what food?

The occurrence of allergy patients will give a great deal of pain and inconvenience for small babies can not be correct and complete expression is especially true, but there are many causes of allergies, diet is the most important factor, if the parents want baby allergy prevention, the following contents must be useful to you.
First, milk.
Around us there are a lot of people, including adults and children children are milk allergic reaction, so if the baby milk serious allergy, then any milk products such as yogurt, fresh milk, [...]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pacifier

There are many advantages of using a pacifier —– When the baby cry more than when he stuffed in the baby’s mouth can get to let family sigh of a moment of peace. But the benefits of pacifier brings much more than this.
1. Prevent sudden infant death
Experts suggest that the age of the baby from 0 to 1, whether to take a nap or sleep at night, parents can give the baby with a pacifier. This can well prevent sudden death of the baby. He gave the baby [...]

Eczema baby’s dietotherapy recipe

How to use dietotherapy recipe, to prevent Eczema for baby?
1, loofah soup: Take 30 grams of fresh loofah, cut into small pieces into the pot with water, add salt after cooking, baby soup and eat with loofah, ringworm of milk oozing type (with water symptoms) effect is remarkable.
2, green beans lily soup: green beans 30 grams, lily 30 grams, according to the usual common methods soup, the beans cooked, even the residue along with the soup to drink. Reduce the milk ringworm itching symptoms.
3, loach soup: 30 grams of [...]

12 kinds of methods which can effectively control the baby hiccup

Why your baby will hiccup? Most cases because of the baby’s immature nervous until after the baby grows, it will naturally improve, generally do not leave sequelae. Parents do not need to be too alarmed. But baby hiccup, mother pain in mind, here are twelve kinds of ways to effectively prevent the baby hiccup.
1, If it is hiccup, “gastroesophageal reflux” caused, may, after feeding your baby upright leaning an adult’s shoulders exhaust, do not let it lie down within half an hour and, after four months old can [...]

Prevent baby eczema five kinds of foods not to eat – How to prevent baby eczema

Eczema, also known as milk ringworm, is a common allergic skin disease of newborns and infants, mainly in infants under two years old. Eczema baby eczema and adults like to make your baby feel itching. If the scratch, then that is itching pains, very affect the baby’s sleeping and eating. In order to let the baby be healthy, then introduce eczema prevention methods.
1, For a family history of allergic diseases baby, you should try to use breastfeeding and feeding time as long as possible, try to avoid the [...]

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