What are the reasons to suffer from depression during pregnancy

Do you know what are the reasons to suffer from depression During Pregnancy?
1, hormonal changes
Hormone levels in the body during pregnancy will change significantly, this change can affect the brain’s neurotransmitters regulate mood changes. The hormonal changes make you more likely to feel anxious than usual. So, when you start to feel anxious more easily than before, depression, should remind ourselves that these are normal reactions during pregnancy to avoid that end the pain and disappointment into a rather escape.
2, for other reasons
In addition to hormonal changes, and some are [...]

Dark color vegetables more suitable for pregnant women

The nutritional status of pregnant women and fetal growth and development closely, requirements for various nutrients women During Pregnancy greatly increased, especially protein, vitamins, minerals such as calcium and iron. Ensure that daily consumption of 500 grams of vegetables, especially dark colored vegetables such as eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, garland chrysanthemum, amaranth and other protein-rich beans and vegetables, for pregnant women and fetal health.
When pregnant women from going to develop good eating habits during this period women on nutrition intake is great, not only their own required, but [...]

What are the reasons for pregnant women with low progesterone – How to do low progesterone in pregnant women?

Progesterone directly affects the pregnant mother’s body and fetal development, pregnant mothers lack of progesterone, great harm to the body, can easily lead to miscarriage. What is the reason for low progesterone?
Progesterone plays a significant role for pregnant mothers, fertility and embryonic development with progesterone related. Progesterone in the reproductive process of change to help stimulate the uterus and promote embryonic development by increasing blood flow in the blood vessels and tissues of the reproductive system.
1, Corpus luteum insufficiency, when ovarian corpus luteum hypoplasia, progesterone content reduced accordingly.
2, [...]

Pregnant women to eat whole grains – nutrition and health

Coarse grains for the health of pregnant women have great benefits, in general, whole grains rich in nutrients, pregnant mother During Pregnancy, appropriate to eat some whole grains, help to reduce the chances of premature birth and spontaneous abortion. So what pregnant mother should eat whole grains?
1, Corn
Corn is a good whole grains, Ruannuo only taste, but also rich in magnesium, nutrients unsaturated fatty acids and crude protein. Pregnant women eat corn can enhance the in vivo intestinal peristalsis, help rid the body of waste, promote metabolism, but [...]

What beverages pregnant women should not drink?

All female friends During Pregnancy, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep in mind. Is best drank 2 to 2.5 liters of boiling water or regular filtered mineral water. In addition, pregnant women can also drink vegetable juice and fruit juice, which the body has a considerable advantage.
The woman’s body during pregnancy to a certain extent fragile than before, this time, we should note, some drinks before now that there is no problem on their own and are likely to produce great harm to the fetus. [...]

What needs to pay attention to diet trimester fetus protection?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay special attention to basic necessities of life, a baby might inattentive and you say goodbye, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy mother, fetus protection need extra attention.
First, the key is nutrition
Early pregnancy is a critical period of fetal growth and development of your baby’s major organs of the body, especially the development of the nervous system and internal organs. Vitamins and minerals for the development of your baby’s organs to provide the necessary nutrients. In addition, pregnant mothers in early pregnancy [...]

Methods to eliminate stretch marks for pregnant women

Gentle body and skin elasticity better person, leaving stretch marks after giving birth are generally lighter than the light, so we should pay attention to exercise in pregnancy, regular massage, adhere cold sponge bath, enhance skin elasticity. But also pay attention to nutrition, eat foods rich in protein, vitamins, food, increase skin elasticity. After pregnancy, maintenance process more complex. To adhere to moderate exercise such as walking, etc; to ensure a balanced, nutritious diet, avoid excessive intake of carbohydrates and excess calories, leading to excessive weight gain; shower [...]

Pregnant mothers lack of these nutritions can affect fetal health

Pregnant mothers During Pregnancy should pay attention to diet and diverse, nutritionally balanced, in order to avoid the lack of certain nutrients affect the baby health.
Iodine deficiency:
Iodine is an important raw material for the synthesis of thyroid hormone, thyroid hormone reduction will inevitably lead to iodine deficiency, causing part of the cerebral cortex in the fetal head of language, hearing and intelligence can not be fully differentiated and development. Slow growth after birth, unresponsive, stupid face, big head, nose without depression, salivation tongue extended, and some even deaf [...]