5 bad habits during pregnancy cause fetal malformations – What are pregnancy taboos?

Nurture a child is a hard and long thing, when pregnant women if you want the baby developed normally, there is a lot of behavior must be avoided! The following inventory of these actions will result in abnormal baby, you must pay attention to pregnant mothers!
1, cats or dogs and other pets prone to parasitic infections
Everybody loves small animals, cats and dogs are cute, but also carry a lot of bacteria and a variety of parasites, if pregnant women and pets often intimate contact, susceptible to germs and [...]

Pregnant women need how long sleep every day

Pregnant mothers During Pregnancy to maintain adequate sleep, every day at least to ensure that 8 to 9 hours of sleep, which is best in the afternoon with 1 to 2 hours of nap time. Also pay attention to develop good habits, early hours, do not stay up all night, there are a lot of of pregnant mothers stay up late watching TV, this is very bad. On the one hand lead to pregnant women sleep late excessive fatigue, on the other hand, the TV or the thrilling [...]

How to prevent during pregnancy pigmentation

Many pregnant mother During Pregnancy complain pigmentation face appeared, affecting the pregnant mother’s beauty. The pregnant mother has rarely use concealer, such as during pregnancy, which makes the happiness of the pregnant mother during pregnancy decreased. So how to prevent during pregnancy pigmentation?
1. There are enough sleep, to ensure that they have an adequate sound sleep.
2. Eat less irritating too strong, sweet and fried foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and drink 6 to 8 cups of water a day.
3. Before pregnancy attention to skin care and [...]

Does wifi radiation will affect fetal development?

Wifi It is important to us, it changes our entertainment, and even the way the office, but also worried moms, Does WIFI signal radiation will affect the fetus? Then just pregnant mother say about it.
First, what is WIFI
WIFI is actually a small LAN, primarily for data transmission. As a wireless device, WiFi has a transmitter, generate electromagnetic radiation on the surrounding. Typically families to apply WIFI network using a wireless router.
Two, Does WIFI in the end how much radiation
Experts said the radiation intensity is inversely proportional to the [...]

Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar) during pregnancy how to do?

For pregnant women, blood glucose values During Pregnancy is very important, if relatively low blood sugar, so it is easy to cause some dizziness and other symptoms as well as tachypnea, then why pregnancy hypoglycemia, hypoglycemia how solve it?
Some pregnant women after pregnancy may find themselves at the time to get up will feel dizziness and other symptoms, and sometimes work too have such symptoms, then it may be suffering from low blood sugar during pregnancy. And what pregnant women hypoglycemia reason? In general, when women in early [...]

Pregnant women gastrectasia how to do?

After pregnancy, the mother will often feel bloated stomach always, could not eat a meal, in addition to the oppression of the uterus to make us feel uncomfortable stomach, the most important thing is caused by stomach flatulence, gastrectasia then when we want how to eat, how to relieve flatulence?
1, pregnancy should be frequent meals
When gastrectasia, we can make small meals, which can relieve stomach discomfort, but also can reduce the workload of the stomach, seven or eight times a day to eat, of course, my mother said [...]

What food to eat for pregnant women of two months pregnancy?

When two months pregnant, what to eat in order to bring more nutrients to the fetus.
First, protein-rich food
Protein is the material basis of life, it is closely linked to the substance and life and life activities and various forms. Each cell in the body and has all the important components of proteins involved.
Within two months pregnant, for protein intake, go with the flow like. Protein intake could be considered a vegetable protein instead of animal protein, such as soy and mushrooms and other foods. It can be appropriate [...]

Pregnant women how to avoid depression during pregnancy

How to avoid depression During Pregnancy?
1, with her husband more exchanges.
Mothers who need to ensure there is enough time and husband together every day, and keep alternating intimacy. If the physical condition permits, you can consider going on vacation together, trying to narrow your relationship. Thus, when a child is born, you will have strong backing, you can rest assured that rely on.
2, and the pressure to fight.
Do not let your life is full of frustration, we should always pay attention to adjust their emotions. Take a deep [...]