What foods to eat for pregnant women hypoglycemic safety?

Pregnant women are special groups, if the body has the disease affects not only their own health, the growth of the fetus is also a disadvantage. For example, pregnant women if blood sugar is too high. Hypoglycemic became daily required course for pregnant women. Hypoglycemic diet is safer. So pregnant women should eat anything hypoglycemic?
Black Fungus. Hypoglycemic food black fungus, containing fungus polysaccharides, vitamins, protein, carotene and potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and other minerals, including fungus polysaccharides have hypoglycemic effects, animal experiments show that the polysaccharides can lower [...]

How should pay attention to diet for pregnant women

Pregnant women are a special group, little attention will accident, strike a blow to the pregnant mother. In addition to not heavy lifting, anti-collision, to avoid colds, the diet is also very important. So what should pay attention to diet?
How should pay attention to diet for pregnant women?
1. Not a partial eclipse. Eat fresh eggs, fish and shrimp. Drink milk, eat lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, so the pregnant mother is not lack of nutrition, fetal development can be good.
2. Do not eat unclean, deterioration, contamination of food. Eat [...]

Eat more foods containing zinc helps pregnant women eutocia

Most recently, in late pregnancy maternity style and their zinc content in diet, more daily zinc intake, the greater their chances of natural childbirth, on the contrary, only by means of forceps or a cesarean section.
Zinc is an essential trace element, the completion of many people’s normal physiological function plays an extremely important role. According to expert studies, the impact on the delivery of zinc is mainly to enhance the activity of enzymes related to the uterus, promoting uterine muscle contraction, the fetus drive out the uterine cavity. [...]

Dietary zinc supplementation for pregnant women to help natural childbirth

Is there any way to reduce the pain of pregnant mothers during childbirth? Today we’ll introduce a few tips natural delivery of all the pregnant mother, and let all the pregnant mother to do “prepare” preparation.
First, a reasonable diet
While pregnant mother for the calf to be a lot of nutrition, but also to maintain a degree, not overeating, not pay attention to weight control, nutritional supplements too much, eating too much fat will cause the unborn fetus is too large, If the baby’s weight more than 4 kg, [...]

The importance of vitamin A during pregnancy

Vitamin A affects almost every cell
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient complex organism, which affects almost all body tissues. Research on the relationship between vitamin A and fetal malformation, and always plays an important role, the medical profession in 1933 began to study the teratogenic effects of vitamin A deficiency in early. Physiological function of vitamin A, there are many, such as: the maintenance of normal visual responses; maintain normal bone development; enhance fertility, scavenging free radicals; maintain normal function of the skin cells, making the skin soft [...]

Eight foods prone to cause miscarriage

Prone to cause miscarriage, premature delivery food
1. Aloe
Aloe Vera: Aloe juice maternal drinking can lead to pelvic hemorrhage, and even cause miscarriage. Lactating mothers, milk mixed with aloe vera juice ingredients can cause infant diarrhea. Aloe contains certain toxins, toxic amount of 9-15 g. Nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, hemorrhagic gastritis and other symptoms occur within 8-12 hours after eating.
2. Hawthorn
Sour foods pregnant women can ease nausea and vomiting and other phenomena. Many pregnant mother loved Amy Hawthorn Hawthorn sweet and sour. But Hawthorn excitatory effects on [...]

Pregnant women should be wary of excess nutrients

Energy nutrients intake too much, so that the heat energy in addition to the physiological need to consume, it will change the excess into fat accumulation in the body, over time become obese, and obesity and hypertension,cardiovascular disease, diabetes is closely related to. Fat intake too much, besides obesity also have high blood fat,high cholesterol, these accidents, and cerebrovascular atherosclerosis directly, but also can lead to fatty liver, fat fatheart, brain. Inorganic salts such as calcium intake too much easy to cause kidney stones. Sodium intake is excessivesodium [...]

Pregnant mother anti-radiation five foods big role

Your baby’s early development is very important, after many pregnant mother wearing radiation suits still not assured, that there is any way to help the pregnant mother who radiated defense? Here to share with you tips radiation.
First, the red fruit can prevent radiation
There are tomato red fruit, cherry and so on. They are for anti-radiation is very effective. There is a tomato antioxidant vitamins, can effectively anti-radiation, anti-cardiovascular disease, improve immunity, anti-aging. Cooked tomatoes than raw tomatoes is more easily absorbed, but it is best not to choose [...]