Pregnant women take a bath should pay attention to the matter – What precautions for pregnant women bathing?

What precautions for pregnant women bathing? Experts suggest that pregnant women, bathing should have three precautions that the water temperature should not be too high or too low, bath time should not be too long, it is best not to sit bath.
Obstetrics and Gynecology: Pregnant women in early pregnancy that is, the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women bath temperature should not be too high, the temperature does not feel cold to the skin is appropriate.
1. The best warm water temperature, and body temperature is about or [...]

Guidelines to healthy vegetarian diet during pregnancy – How to have a Healthy Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy

Do you know How to have a Healthy Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy? During pregnancy a healthy and nutritious diet is essential as you and your baby’s health depends on it. Prenatal diet is important because what you eat has a direct effect on your baby’s growth. A healthy diet during pregnancy does not necessarily come from non vegetarian food. With careful planning you can obtain all the essential nutrients from a vegetarian diet.
The need of nutrients keeps changing during pregnancy and you should follow a proper chart of a healthy vegetarian diet to maintain good health.
The vital elements [...]

Dont Smoking During Pregnancy – The Harms Of Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy

Pregnant women dont Smoking During Pregnancy,  The big harms Of Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy. For all the women folks out there who have stepped in the most beautiful phase of your lives of being pregnant, but are addicted to smoking then this is a heads up of the danger signals that nicotine can have on your fetus.
If You Smoke Then Remember That Your Baby Also Does!
During your pregnancy if you smoke then the toxins such as nicotine, lead and other poisonous elements find their way to the placenta which is the [...]

How to control weight gain too fast during pregnancy

Expectant mothers whose body weight gains too fast During Pregnancy still need to adhere to the principle of balanced diet and can not overcorrect. When you find yourself gaining too much weight or too fast, do the following:
How to control weight gain too fast during pregnancy?
1. Control nutrient intake while controlling total energy intake and controlling cereal, fat and meat intake.
2. Eat less but more meals, regular quantitative.
3. staple food: to replace part of the coarse grain coarse grains, with the thickness. Eat 75-150 grams of coarse grains a [...]

What foods to avoid during pregnancy – 8 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Do you know What foods to avoid During Pregnancy? It is very much important to know what foods to avoid during pregnancy as those nine months are surely the most challenging times in a woman’s life. Mostly, the foods that are to be taken in pregnancy is given significance when compared to a pregnant woman’s diet pattern. But, there are some foods which are not be eaten while being pregnant.
Say a big ‘NO’ to the below listed foods if you are pregnant.
What Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy
Seafoods And Raw Meat
Some of the [...]

What Side Effects Of Taking Birth Control Pill While Pregnant unknowingly

What Side Effects Of Taking Birth Control Pill While Pregnant unknowingly? It has become a common occurrence these days that many women continue taking birth control pills unknowingly while they are pregnant. When they realize that they are pregnant, they often get scared with the fear of miscarriage, birth defects of the baby and many other health issues. But actually, if a pregnant woman continues to take birth control pill while she is pregnant, no harm is done to the fetus.The function of birth control pill is to restrict an egg [...]

How To Prevent Premature Delivery – 6 ways to avoid Premature Delivery

Do you know How To Prevent Premature Delivery? What are best ways to avoid Premature Delivery? A pregnant woman has many worries to tackle as they advance in pregnancy. The most common fear that grips pregnant women of all ages is that of a preterm delivery. Most of us are aware of the implications of a premature delivery and the health risks that it can pose on the baby. Premature delivery is not an uncommon episode and any pregnant woman is susceptible to a pre term labour, provided the conditions work adversely against them. Hence all [...]

Simple Guidelines and tips to avoid back pain During Pregnancy

What are Simple Guidelines and tips to avoid back pain During Pregnancy?  It is quite common to feel back pain during pregnancy. It occurs due to weight gain and the stretching of ligaments to make way for the baby to grow. With the increased weight your back has to work harder to support the body and the hollow of the back gets strained. This results in discomfort to the pregnant woman and causes pain in the lower back.
Backache During Pregnancy Can Be Easily Treated By Following A Few Simple Guidelines.
You should [...]

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