Pregnant women zinc supplements Precautions

Follow the doctor’s advice, according to doses, pay attention not to zinc excess, zinc supplementexcess, the body will lead to zinc poisoning, occurrence of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.
Liver injury, too much zinc supplementation can cause liver damage, severe cases may lead tojaundice hepatitis.
Affect fetal development, if the pregnant woman body zinc is too high, likely to cause fetal nervoustube defects.

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Symptoms of zinc deficiency in pregnant women and harm for pregnant women

Symptoms of zinc deficiency in pregnant women: pregnant women zinc deficiency can increase the pregnancy reaction, loss of appetite, hair loss, memory loss, chronic fatigue, low immunity, olfactory abnormalities and other symptoms.
Zinc deficiency in pregnant women hazards: may affect fetal thyroid, heart, pancreas, brain and other vital organs, reducing the total number of brain cells, leading to fetal malformations; merge disorders can also cause increase in deliveries, such as prolonged labor, miscarriage, premature delivery, etc. .

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What foods to eat for pregnant women iron supplements

There are many women after pregnancy, will suffer from anemia, then iron supplements of pregnant women what to eat? Iron-rich foods include liver, black fungus, sesame, egg yolk, carrots cherry, grape, etc.
Vegetables: kelp, seaweed, mushrooms, carrots, red radish, spinach, celery, alfalfa, day lily flowers, beans, shepherd’s purse leaves.
Meat categories: animal blood, liver, chicken gizzards, lean meat, beef kidney, fish and so on.
Fruits: cherries, grapes, peaches, dates, strawberries, apples.
Other: soy, sesame seeds, grains, nuts and so on.

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Symptoms of iron deficiency in pregnant women and harm for pregnant women

Symptoms of iron deficiency in pregnant women: pregnant women will be dizziness, fatigue, palpitation, shortness of breath and other hazards.
Pregnant women iron deficiency hazards: Pregnant women with iron deficiency not only for pregnant women has some hazards, may also affect fetal immune system development, leading to fetal hypoxia of fetuses, growth retardation, or after the birth of the baby has mental retardation and so on; cause fetal low birth weight, premature birth, stillbirth, neonatal death.

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Pregnant woman taking calcium supplements contraindications and precautions

10 tips for Pregnant woman taking calcium supplements contraindications and precautions:
1. To choose the right calcium, calcium tablets when purchasing, pay attention to read the product manual, choose calcium tablets suited to their physical condition.
2. After serving calcium tablets do not immediately drink tea, tea influence calcium supplements effect.
3. When calcium supplements Do not contain lead calcium, lead harmful to the fetus.
4. Pregnant women fasting, do not eat calcium, the calcium will reacts with the acid, causing stomach discomfort.
5. If calcium supplements, and iron supplements again, do not [...]

9 tips for pregnant women calcium supplementation

1. Pregnant women should pay attention to the impact of food factors calcium calcium
As the food also contains a number of factors calcium absorption and bioavailability of effects, such as high levels of salt in the diet or eat a lot of protein, it is easy to lose calcium from the urine of pregnant women affect calcium effect. Spinach, rape and bran cereals and other foods contain a lot of oxalic acid or phytic acid, which can also affect the absorption of calcium in the food. And proper [...]

Four kinds of fruit are prone to cause constipation in pregnant women

Mothers During Pregnancy are prone to constipation phenomenon, so be sure to pay attention to the daily diet. We all know that pregnant women eat the fruit is beneficial for the body, but not any fruit, to eat is good for the body, and some fruit will cause constipation in pregnant women.
1. Peaches
Peaches is a warm food, it is easy to eat too much heat generating, excessive internal heat very easily lead to symptoms, especially pregnant women, pregnant women because of the heat the body itself is very [...]

Caffeine can cause fetal growth retardation in pregnant women do not drink coffee

Women usually like to drink coffee, do not drink During Pregnancy, because it is likely to cause fetal growth retardation, and subsequent neonatal asphyxia.
Intrauterine growth retardation refers to full-term birth weight less than 2500g, it not only can affect fetal distress, neonatal asphyxia, and perinatal death, but its adverse effects can also be extended to adulthood, manifested as physique and mental retardation.
Clinical and animal experiments show that caffeine has a reproductive and embryo toxicity, caffeine or soft drink intake in childhood may increase significantly in obese individuals.
In this [...]