Pregnant women sore throat how to do?

How to prevent of pregnant women sore throat?
1. Diet should be light, drink boiled water to urinate more beneficial of viral shedding.
2. If it is the beginning of a cold sore throat, can be concentrated salt water gargle, head thrown back the concentrated brine can reach the throat, once every 10 minutes, repeated 10 times, there are signs of improvement, pregnant women give it a try!
3. The working environment or the life to avoid irritation and avoid inhalation of fine dust and harmful gases.
4. Usually adequate exercise, such [...]

Pregnant women iron supplements Precautions

Iron supplementation of pregnant women and there are individual differences, not everyone in each period must iron supplements,  Iron supplementation dosage must follow the doctor’s advice, if excess Iron supplementation of pregnant women can cause trimester pregnancy appear hemoglobin is too high, resulting in of pregnant women in preterm children, or low weight children risk increased four times more than usual.
Iron supplementation to note that add vitamin C, because vitamin C and iron absorption is proportional.
Polyphenols can interfere with the body’s absorption of iron, the impact of Iron [...]

What is the best time to eat calcium supplements for pregnant women?

Pregnant woman taking calcium supplements time, morning and the evening can be. The best choice after meals, fasting calcium will reacts with the acid damage absorb trace elements, in general, taking calcium supplements after dinner before going to sleep, then more easily digested and absorbed.

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Prolonged pregnancy methods of preventing

1, In the first six months of non-pregnant, pregnant mothers should promptly record of each menstrual cycle, in order to more accurately calculate the expected date of birth. In the two months after menopause, they should go to the hospital, after regular prenatal care, especially after 37 weeks of gestation prenatal care at least once a week.
2, If the pre-production period over one week, there is no sign of delivery, it should take active steps to check and let the doctor based on fetal size, how much amniotic [...]

The reason of pregnant women insomnia

After pregnancy, a large reason for insomnia is caused due to hormonal changes, and of pregnant women throughout pregnancy, psychologically sensitive and pressure capacity will be relatively weakened, easily excited brain, often due to nervous excitement lead to depression or insomnia occur.
In addition, lifestyle changes can also cause insomnia, such as after pregnancy, is no longer working long idle at home, things do not have on hand, consider too much lead to mental stress.

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Pregnant women can take the plane?

After be pregnant, should try to avoid further out, if they are forced to a trip to the plane, as appropriate. Butneed to remind is, even if the health of pregnant women, most obstetricians also not in favor of pregnant women in early pregnancy and late pregnancy opportunity, because it is very sensitive to change of pregnant women and fetal these periods of external environmental factors.
Early pregnancy (first 3 months), is the response to early pregnancy (such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and so on) the most [...]

Why pregnant women need calcium supplements

Pregnant women need calcium During Pregnancy is 25% higher than the average person, because fetal bone formation requires calcium, calcium deficiency if the pregnancy will cause the mother tetany, and even the mother will appear osteomalacia, in addition to calcium deficiency during pregnancy can cause newborns congenital of rickets, congenital laryngeal cartilage softening disease.

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What foods to eat for pregnant women zinc supplements

What foods to eat for pregnant women zinc supplements?
Apple, Apple is known as the “memory effect” of reputation, not only rich in nutrients is also rich in zinc and other vitamins and other trace elements.
Most foods containing zinc-rich foods: lean pork, beef (lean), fish, oyster meat, walnuts, seaweed, milk, peanuts, sesame seeds, animal liver, seaweed, nuts and so on.
Vegetables: eggplant, pumpkin, cabbage, beans, are also rich in zinc.

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