Pregnant women insomnia how to do?

How to prevent of pregnant women insomnia?
Pregnant women insomnia, need their own emotional stability, the diet should also be noted that pregnancy also need to meet the family, because the family’s thoughtfulness will stabilize mood of pregnant women, the following specific talk, pregnant women insomnia how to do self-adjustment method:
Cup of hot milk before sleeping or hot foot bath, foot bath before bedtime can reduce fatigue and promote sleep (put a little vinegar better).
Diet Note: after pregnancy will be changed on a diet, try to eat less fried [...]

Pregnant women at high risk of preterm populations

Itself had a history of preterm birth, pregnant with multiple births or During Pregnancy pregnant women often have vaginal bleeding, patients are at high risk of preterm birth, should pay more attention to rest and observe the number of uterine contractions.
As for diabetes, hypertension, gestational hypertension and even pregnant women should pay attention to diet and medication, as soon as hospitalization when necessary, to control possible complications and extend the number of weeks of pregnancy.
Some pregnant women workload itself, or physical, mental stress load is greater, should be [...]

Daily care to prevent preterm birth – How to prevent preterm birth

How to prevent preterm birth?
1, Do not touch the belly
Do not fall: Do not to crowded places or when they go out at rush hour. People were touched it, there is a risk of falling, especially when on the steps, step by step, we must pay attention to stabilize.
Abdominal protection: Do not hold heavy things or take something high, to avoid striking the abdomen.
2, Do not stimulate the abdomen
Severe diarrhea: severe diarrhea because it stimulates uterine contractions during defecation accelerated, can cause premature birth.
Married life: married life is [...]

The best time four-dimensional ultrasound examination for pregnant women

The best time to four-dimensional ultrasound examination should be at 20 to 28 weeks of pregnancy is 5 to 8 months, because the fetus and amniotic fluid during the major organs are suitable for examination to exclude abnormalities; pregnant women due to individual differences, specific testing time required comply with the doctor’s.

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What pregnant women should pay attention to the use of computers

1. It is recommended after the first three months of pregnancy, it is best not to have access to computers and related radiation thing, because after the first trimester of pregnancy is a critical period of fetal nerve growth.
2. Pay attention to rest: every hour of work should rest for 10 minutes, to prevent pain or pelvic floor muscles soreness muscle strain and other phenomena.
3. Pay attention to eye health, distance between eyes and the screen is best to keep more than 50cm.
4. Keep indoor air clean: Computer [...]

Pregnant women how to radiation protection

Just pregnancy, especially the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is in cell division, the critical period of organ differentiation of embryonic development, such a long time in high radiation areas, it is likely to cause fetal malformations, radiation protection is particularly important during this period.
How to radiation protection after pregnancy is a topic of concern to us and to their families, although no proof computer radiation affect the normal development of the fetus, but in order to have a “quality” of the baby, everything is still [...]

What foods to eat for pregnant women calcium supplements

Usually no special reason pregnant women from four months to start calcium supplements, pregnant women, calcium supplements the tonic method is simple and safe, there are a lot of calcium supplements foods such as dairy products, seafood, meat, eggs and other calcium-rich foods, of course one of the ways pregnant women calcium tablets is calcium supplements.
Tofu: In general, half a catty tofu, calcium meet 1/3 of pregnant women one day , the main source of calcium in tofu is calcium-rich soy and added bittern and gypsum.
Milk: Milk in [...]

What foods to eat to prevent of pregnant women with high blood sugar

Pregnancy blood sugar, lower than normal, so pregnant women fasting blood sugar normal for 3.1 ~ 5.6mmol / L, two hours after the meal, blood glucose less than 7.8mmol / L, if the 2-hour postprandial blood glucose greater than 11.1 mmol / L on diabetes and if after two hours postprandial blood glucose at 7.8 mmol / L-11.1 mmol / L clinical become impaired glucose tolerance, impaired glucose tolerance, if not properly controlled diet or not treated will develop into gestational diabetes.
For pregnant women with high blood sugar [...]