Pregnant women with high blood sugar how to do?

Once the high blood sugar in pregnant women, will bring very negative impact on the fetus. This effect is multifaceted, such as intrauterine malnutrition, fetal teratogenicity, huge fetuses and so on. Pregnant women should pay attention to the symptoms of high blood sugar, the following measures can help pregnant women to lower blood sugar.
1, Develop healthy recipes
The first detection of excessive blood sugar after the doctor’s advice to control the diet, many expectant mothers to late weight gain too fast, then it is easy to cause obesity During [...]

During Pregnancy What are the reasons that Slow Fetal Growth

What are the reasons that Slow Fetal Growth During Pregnancy? Are you expecting and concerned about the growth and development of your unborn baby? Then, you should learn all about slow fetal growth. Even though your belly might be growing but that does not always equate to the size of your fetus. This is because you might occur due to slow fetal growth, which is a condition in which the fetus tends to grow slower than normal in the mother’s womb during the pregnancy. The weight of the fetus [...]

What is the normal blood sugar level of pregnant women?

What is the normal blood sugar level of pregnant women? The incidence of gestational diabetes is getting higher and higher, many expectant mothers worried that they accidentally had gestational diabetes. In fact, the doctor will also check the blood glucose During Pregnancy test, if it is high-risk groups of diabetes also can detect blood sugar, in order to feel relieved as soon as possible. So, what is the normal blood sugar level of pregnant women?
First, what is the normal blood sugar level of pregnant women?
1, normal fasting blood [...]

Pregnant women must supplement the trace elements – Folic acid

Folic acid helps in cell division and growth and DNA formation. Sufficient to follicles folic acid can also help effectively prevent fetal neural tube dysplasia, while preventing megaloblastic anemia, embryonic organ differentiation and development are essential, but also can prevent premature birth, so folic acid supplementation is very important .
Not mothers in addition to daily diet supplementation of at least 400 micrograms of folic acid, and pregnant mothers every day at least an additional 600 millicarbonuric acid, but not more than 1000 micrograms.
Supplementary time:
The first six weeks of [...]

Pregnant women eat too much sugar make children easy to myopia

With the improvement of living standards, our diet is more and more refined degree, coarse grains are being replaced by fine grains, some high-sugar diet is unknowingly into our table. Like drinks, polished rice, refined and so on. Although good taste, but the rice, for example, in the process of processing, layer by layer shelling can also lead to the loss of vitamins. When processed into polished rice, there are not many vitamins beneficial to eye development.
And people’s diet more and more sophisticated structure, more and more intake [...]

During Pregnancy Home Remedies The Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

How to use the natural ways to get rid of acne During Pregnancy? Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and enchanting moments for a women. During this beautiful phase, a women usually encounters a lot of internal as well as external alterations in her body. Some of these alterations ae quite manageable to be adapted with during the pregnancy just like gaining weight, feeling lethargic or tired and many more but there are certain others as well that are quite irritating and makes it completely un-manageable to dealt with, [...]

Pregnant women how to completely solve constipation?

If you have not experienced constipation During Pregnancy, you absolutely can not imagine how it affects your entire pregnancy life and emotions. Therefore, how to completely eliminate constipation in pregnant women?
1, Why pregnancy prone to constipation?
In addition to the effects of hormones, there are many other reasons. Constipation can generally be divided into flaccid, spasmodic, rectal three, mostly during pregnancy flaccid constipation. After pregnancy, almost all people will reduce the amount of exercise, which is the most common cause of constipation. In addition, a small number of mothers [...]

Pregnant women often eat potato chips to increase the risk of pregnancy

Potatoes are recognized as nutrient-rich foods in the world. Americans believe that eating only whole milk powder and potatoes for each meal, you can get all the nutrients the body needs. Potato protein contains 18 kinds of human body needs the amino acids, is a high quality protein. The protein contained in it can prevent cardiovascular diseases. The content of vitamin B1 in potato is also the highest in vegetables.
However, eating germinated, rotten potatoes can lead to human poisoning, how is this going? Originally, the potatoes contain a [...]

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