Pregnant women how to completely solve constipation?

If you have not experienced constipation During Pregnancy, you absolutely can not imagine how it affects your entire pregnancy life and emotions. Therefore, how to completely eliminate constipation in pregnant women?
1, Why pregnancy prone to constipation?
In addition to the effects of hormones, there are many other reasons. Constipation can generally be divided into flaccid, spasmodic, rectal three, mostly during pregnancy flaccid constipation. After pregnancy, almost all people will reduce the amount of exercise, which is the most common cause of constipation. In addition, a small number of mothers [...]

Pregnant women often eat potato chips to increase the risk of pregnancy

Potatoes are recognized as nutrient-rich foods in the world. Americans believe that eating only whole milk powder and potatoes for each meal, you can get all the nutrients the body needs. Potato protein contains 18 kinds of human body needs the amino acids, is a high quality protein. The protein contained in it can prevent cardiovascular diseases. The content of vitamin B1 in potato is also the highest in vegetables.
However, eating germinated, rotten potatoes can lead to human poisoning, how is this going? Originally, the potatoes contain a [...]

What foods to eat suitable for pregnant women in winter?

Low temperatures in winter, the temperature difference, which is pregnant and fetus mother’s health and growth is very detrimental. Therefore, increase nutrition and enhance immunity is particularly important. These foods to eat suitable for pregnant women in winter.
1, Raisins: raisins contain a lot of glucose, the role of myocardial nutrition, contribute to the recovery of patients with coronary heart disease, due to the relative content of calcium, phosphorus and iron, and a large number of vitamins and amino acids, is the elderly, women and frail Anemia of nourishing share, [...]

What foods to eat pregnant women can improve immunity

Pregnant women to eat plenty of protein, appropriate amount of vitamins and trace elements with immunomodulatory function.
1, Protein is mothers immune system defense function of the material basis, if the lack of protein nutrition, will affect the formation of immune cells and antibodies, leading to diminished body resistance to disease, a variety of infectious diseases will take advantage of.
2, Vitamins A, C, E, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, folic acid and taurine are mothers to maintain normal physiological functions necessary nutrients, their lack will also lead to reduced immune function.
3, [...]

Eat 5 kinds of food can make pregnant women in good mood

Really have some food to bring you a happy mood! Some mothers because of outdoor activities to reduce or exposure to insufficient sunlight, so that they can not produce full of happy hormones, so all day pregnant after worry. Professor hademar bankhofer, a nutritionist in Vienna, recommends the following five foods that can make the mood clear (preferably green food), hoping to help expectant mothers spend their pregnancies more happily:
* Bananas: Bananas are rich in happy hormones, these happy hormones can enhance nerve function, people have a good [...]

During Pregnancy Appropriate exercise helps fetal growth and development

Pregnant women proper exercise During Pregnancy,  contribute to the baby’s health, can promote the baby’s brain development, promote baby’s balance of organs, sensory organs, respiratory organs, and promote the baby’s metabolism. For pregnant women, it helps to have a good body and mind when giving birth and has the benefits of vital capacity, digestive function, nerve function and musculoskeletal status for pregnant women and creates conditions for natural production.
If you do not love to exercise before pregnancy, then consciously looking for some favorite sport, only 5 minutes of [...]

Pregnant women must know the common sense of eating fish

Danish researchers recently through research found that pregnant women eat fish more full-term pregnancy, the greater the likelihood of the baby at birth the baby will be healthier than the average, more spiritual. Researchers at Stanstyl-Sallum College in Copenhagen compared the diets of 8,000 pregnant women to the frequency of eating fish During Pregnancy and whether the fish they eaten was cooked for cooking or salad Eat cold food, or fish oil supplements. The results showed that pregnant women who regularly eat fish are at a much lower [...]

During Pregnancy How To Avoid Stomach Cramps – Best tips to prevent Stomach Cramps

Do you know How To Avoid Stomach Cramp During Pregnancy? What are the  Best tips to prevent Stomach Cramps? Pregnancy is a life changing event in both lady laboring and her partners life. The beautiful thought of the new born coming into a family is always a joyous period for a lady. But with the same, the atrocities that a woman has to go through are also devious and can turn out to be highly traumatizing. While the same, cramps are issues that a woman has to face during the 9 month [...]

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