Prolonged pregnancy how to do

1. Make sure the pre-production period
For close to 40 weeks still no production trillion pregnant mother, the proposal should hurry to the hospital, ask the physician to confirm the pre-production period is correct.
First, the doctor will ask the pregnant mother’s last menstrual arrival date and month -3, calculated from the date of +7 way again pre-production period. Now many women due to the longer irregular menstrual cycle, or cycle, or even can not remember who, so “menstruation algorithm” sometimes need to be amended, or the value of ultrasound [...]

What foods to eat before the pregnant woman parturient

About to give birth, pregnant women, expectant mood but also very complex, looking forward to the arrival of a new life, but also afraid of the difficulties encountered in the course of childbirth. Pregnant women parturient before then ate? Pregnant women parturient to eat what to promote childbirth?
1. Easily digestible food
Many people are concerned about “what to eat before the pregnant woman parturient,” this issue. Obstetrics and gynecology experts say, the best food in front of pregnant women parturient easily digestible food. Because during labor, due to the [...]

Postpartum perineal wound care methods

The most important is the perineal wound natal care and cleaning. Each time after using the toilet, the application of warm water rinse,  from the urethra towards the anus direction of wash, rinse and then use toilet paper with a moisture dry pressing way to keep dry. To restore sexual life, should be at full month after discharge lochia clean and perineal wound healing to determine the steady state, so as to avoid perineal wound infection.
As for cesarean section wound, but also be sure to keep the wound [...]