Do not blindly give children to eat supplements

Parents want their children to grow up healthy, but the child’s growth and development due to congenital or acquired factors, there is always some individual differences, some children may grow shorter than junior partner, or some children susceptible to illness, parents often therefore And anxious. Some parents in order to children’s growth, they are keen on allowing children to eat a lot of nutritional supplements, hoping children grow better.
Now many supplements on the market is to function for a certain situation, but there is good and bad nutrition [...]

What are the reasons and when children grind their teeth?

Do you know What are the reasons and when children grind their teeth?  Bruxism, more commonly known as tooth grinding, usually happens during the toddler and preschool years. It typically subsides by age 6.
Here’s what you need to know about tooth grinding, courtesy of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Tooth grinding isn’t the result of a nightmare or stressful memory.
Teething, ear infections and other sources of pain can lead to tooth grinding.
Poorly aligned teeth can trigger tooth grinding.
Anxiety and stress may increase the risk of tooth grinding, but the practice [...]

How to keep your kids healthy during winter?

Do you know How to keep your kids healthy during winter? The winter months often mean more time indoors and more frequent illness.
You may not be able to prevent all colds or the flu, but there are steps you can take to improve your family’s chances of a healthier season. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises:

Run a cool-mist humidifier in your child’s room to help prevent nosebleeds from dry air. Saline nasal spray and petroleum jelly in the nostrils also may help.
Make bath time less frequent, especially for [...]

Children eat more dark vegetables beneficial bones

Eat more dark green and deep yellow vegetables, most children can help reduce body fat and increase bone density. The researchers analyzed believe these vegetables may be high levels of alkaline minerals (such as potassium) can help bone development. The researchers do not recommend eating too delicate meat, mainly sodium ions which are too high, the fat content is too high, although the increase bone density, but also increases the fat.
The researchers suggested that children eat more to promote bone growth following foods: broccoli, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, [...]

What foods affect baby growth and development

Do you know which foods affect baby growth and development in our daily diets?
(1) protein rich food. The basic unit of human tissue is composed of cells, the protein is an important component of material of the cell, an important material basis and is therefore a growth. High protein foodsources include animal food and beans and its products. Such as eggs foods rich in lecithin, can improve the metabolism of brain, can promote children’s intelligence development. Phospholipids contain a quail eggin eggs is particularly rich, for in the [...]

Ten ways to prevent child cold

How to to prevent child cold?
①Increase in outdoor activity time: The survey results showed that children often insist on outdoor activities, the chance of suffering a cold for outdoor activities is significantly less than the child.
② Clothing should be appropriate: Clothes do not surge or plummeted. Some parents worry that their children chilled, much to the children wear too thick, the result is often counter-productive and easier cold.
③ Eat a good breakfast: eat breakfast, the body produces enough heat to warm increase capacity.
④ Meals, be sure to wash your [...]

Baby good health must be a good vitamin supplement

The growth and development of children, in addition to the need for adequate protein, fat and carbohydrates, we should also add enough vitamins to meet their growth needs.
Vitamins, the role of large. Each vitamin has its own unique features, functionality as well as synergies some vitamins.
Vitamin A is especially important for infants and young children. – Eye development is inseparable from vitamin A, epithelial cells and tissues healthy growth, development, and enhance their resistance. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble, can be stored in the body. If the child [...]

What foods to eat to avoid zinc deficiency of children – Children Zinc deficiency how do

Zinc is an essential trace element the human body. Child’s growth and development plays an important role in promoting. Zinc deficiency may be a variety of children’s diseases, not only the diminutive weight gain, and rough skin, dry hair soft and yellow buds will impair its function, so taste changes, appear tasteless diet, anorexia and pica. In addition, children deficiency also susceptible to colds, pneumonia and bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.
Zinc is mainly supplemented through diet, just eat more the following foods would not have happened of zinc [...]

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