Which foods are harmful to children’s intellectual development

In our life, Which foods are harmful to children’s intellectual development? Parents may not know, “clean” food, there are many hidden dangers to children’s intellectual development “killer.”
1. Lead-containing food harmful to children’s intellectual development
Lead is a major “killer” cells, when blood lead levels of 15 micrograms / 100 ml, can cause stunting and mental decline, and the younger, the more severe nerve damage. Lead foods mainly include popcorn, preserved eggs, canned foods or beverages.
2. Aluminum-containing food harmful to children’s intellectual development
The World Health Organization proposes that the amount of aluminum taken by [...]

High-salt diet on the baby’s five major hazards

High-salt food on the baby’s harm:
1. High-salt diet can reduce the oral saliva secretion, lysozyme also reduced accordingly, is conducive to a variety of bacteria, viruses in the upper respiratory tract.
2. After the high-salt diet, due to salt infiltration, can kill the upper respiratory tract of normal parasite flora, resulting in flora disorder, resulting in the disease.
3. High-salt diet can inhibit the proliferation of oral mucosal epithelial cells, so that loss of disease resistance.
4. High-salt diet will affect the absorption of zinc in children’s body will lead to [...]

Trace elements affect children’s growth and development

In each of us, there is a class of substances called trace elements that, as the name implies, contain little in the body, typically less than 0.01% of body weight, and about 70 of them detectable in humans, but not all Is necessary for the human body, some even harmful, such as lead, cadmium and so on. There are 14 kinds of trace elements necessary for the human body, they are copper, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, fluorine, iodine, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, silicon, vanadium, tin, they play an [...]

What nutrients affect children’s height?

Of course, the ideal height and reasonable nutrition are inseparable. The growth of height mainly depends on the growth and development of long bones, that is, the formation and deposition of the glial matrix and its minerals. When epiphyseal cartilage growth decreased, the growth of long bones is limited, resulting in slow growth of height; when the proliferation of chondrocytes decreased, especially in the synthesis of reduced glial matrix, bone narrowing, long bone growth is limited.
Some children due to picky eaters, partial eclipse, dietary structure is not reasonable, [...]

10 factors that affect children’s mental development

What are the factors that affect baby’s intelligence? 10 factors that affect children’s mental development:
1, Genetic
Generally speaking, parents have high IQ and children’s IQ will not be low.
This genetic factor is also manifested in the blood relationship between parents and locals, the average IQ of children is 102; and married mothers born children IQ of 109; parents are cousins, low IQ children increased significantly.
2, Breast milk
Breast milk contains a variety of active substances that promote the intellectual development of children, especially taurine, which has a significant impact on intellectual [...]

Do not blindly give children to eat supplements

Parents want their children to grow up healthy, but the child’s growth and development due to congenital or acquired factors, there is always some individual differences, some children may grow shorter than junior partner, or some children susceptible to illness, parents often therefore And anxious. Some parents in order to children’s growth, they are keen on allowing children to eat a lot of nutritional supplements, hoping children grow better.
Now many supplements on the market is to function for a certain situation, but there is good and bad nutrition [...]

What are the reasons and when children grind their teeth?

Do you know What are the reasons and when children grind their teeth?  Bruxism, more commonly known as tooth grinding, usually happens during the toddler and preschool years. It typically subsides by age 6.
Here’s what you need to know about tooth grinding, courtesy of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Tooth grinding isn’t the result of a nightmare or stressful memory.
Teething, ear infections and other sources of pain can lead to tooth grinding.
Poorly aligned teeth can trigger tooth grinding.
Anxiety and stress may increase the risk of tooth grinding, but the practice [...]

How to keep your kids healthy during winter?

Do you know How to keep your kids healthy during winter? The winter months often mean more time indoors and more frequent illness.
You may not be able to prevent all colds or the flu, but there are steps you can take to improve your family’s chances of a healthier season. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises:

Run a cool-mist humidifier in your child’s room to help prevent nosebleeds from dry air. Saline nasal spray and petroleum jelly in the nostrils also may help.
Make bath time less frequent, especially for [...]

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