The American Academy of Pediatrics advises how to avoid of Infections during pregnancy

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises how to avoid of Infections During Pregnancy? Infections can be a serious threat to pregnant women and their fetuses. To help ward off infections while you’re pregnant, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises:

Wash your hands frequently, particularly when you’ve been around children. Stay away from people who are sick.
Cook meat thoroughly, and skip foods made from raw milk
Talk to your doctor about checking for group B streptococcus, and testing for sexually transmitted infections. Ask about any vaccinations you should get during pregnancy.
Protect yourself from [...]

How to choose safe personal care products for baby

How to choose safe personal care products for baby?  Parents should pay attention to any chemicals that are included in a child’s personal care products, such as lotion or body wash.

The Environmental Working Group suggests that parents:

Always read ingredient labels, and don’t blindly trust marketing claims.
Choose products that don’t contain fragrance.
Avoid use of baby powder.
Avoid products that contain the chemicals: 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3 Diol; BHAl; sodium borate; DMDM Hydantoin; oxybenzone; triclosan.

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How to keep your kids healthy during winter?

Do you know How to keep your kids healthy during winter? The winter months often mean more time indoors and more frequent illness.
You may not be able to prevent all colds or the flu, but there are steps you can take to improve your family’s chances of a healthier season. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises:

Run a cool-mist humidifier in your child’s room to help prevent nosebleeds from dry air. Saline nasal spray and petroleum jelly in the nostrils also may help.
Make bath time less frequent, especially for [...]

How to alleviate depression during pregnancy?

Depression During Pregnancy, and how to alleviate it?
To communicate with the prospective father. When you feel that they begin to have depression, irritability tendency, we must promptly to the people around to seek help.
Learn to adjust their emotions. Do not have been stuffy. You can find a good sunny weather, more out to walk.
Prospective father to be more concerned about the prospective mother. Usually help his wife do housework. Sharing the pressure of his wife. Home after get off work, you can talk to his wife.
Usually pay attention [...]

How to reduce the birth of defective babies

It is possible to prevent or reduce the birth of a defective infant by avoiding some of the disadvantages described below. How to reduce the birth of defective babies?
1.  Try to avoid the elderly (over 35 years old) Pregnancy: Because the probability of women over the age of 35 birth of deformed children increased.
2. Male, female Any party in poor health, to avoid pregnancy: such as acute infectious diseases, viral hepatitis, rubella, influenza, etc., because these diseases may affect the quality of sperm and eggs and embryonic development. If the woman [...]

How pregnant women relax tense nerves

Pregnant women allow yourself to become relaxed, stress on the fetus may cause injury.
If you are working to make you nervous, it is best to tell your  leadership earlier, you are pregnant, it would receive the help of colleagues and leadership understanding, reduce your work pressure.
If the health of the fetus because of the fear and tension, it is best to find a doctor you trust to talk to solve your doubts.
Pregnant women relax tense nerves is: hands on the navel, take a deep breath, can not breathe [...]

What is the reason Pregnant women poor sleep?

Not only pregnant female body resistance after the fall, but also become more sensitive to the relative physical and mental, so emotionally less stable, so easy to sleep bad situation. Pregnant specific cause poor sleep is what causes are as follows:
1, hormonal changes
After pregnant women emotionally volatile, hormonal changes in pregnant women, there are two main hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, two hormones can cause mood swings pregnant women big, and anti-stress, that patience is relatively It drops.
Hormonal changes, emotional ups and downs of harm is relatively large, [...]

Pregnant women how to do to improve the baby’s IQ

Many parents want their children smart, of course, prenatal care is very important, but the parents have doubts, prenatal care what effect? What are some ways?
1, listen to music
Music can improve people’s awareness. This particular sound waves can stimulate the baby’s brain, stimulate his perception and creativity to construct the perceived image, improve intelligence.
2, eat more vitamins and protein-rich foods
Vitamin can promote human metabolism, pregnant women eat promoting infant health, brain development; protein is the source of life, make baby eat sufficient amounts of protein supplement During Pregnancy.
3, [...]

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