How to grow taller ?

How to grow taller? Today’s aesthetic demands are increasing, if a person has only height looks that count as the United States said, If you looks more beautiful, you do not have height, that really is a fly in the ointment in fact, a lot of people in the height gene on the genetic factors affect the height, but there will still be ways for your height increased, so unnecessary excessive care because of genetic problems, the mentality of parents and people who want to grow taller, invisible [...]

What time go to sleep at night can help children grow taller?

Before 10 pm to go to sleep, is conducive to long high. Growth hormone is an important hormone for long high, and its secretion regularity, the secretion of sleep is about 3 times of waking up . Secretion peak at 10 pm to 2 am, the sleep 35 to 45 minutes after the secretion started to increase. So kids go to bed before 10 pm, beneficial to the child long high.

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Some knowledge of children grow taller

To ensure adequate and balanced nutrition. Ensure adequate and balanced nutrition is the most important children grow taller factors. Intake of nutrients is only enough to make all the body organs to the child’s normal growth and development. In a variety of nutrients, the most important is high quality protein and calcium. The deposition of calcium in the bones can promote bone growth, aquatic products, meat, dairy products, eggs contain enough high quality protein and calcium. 90% of the calcium in milk can be absorbed, higher than any [...]

Exercise helps to grow taller, which sport can grow high?

Exercise can directly promote the secretion of growth hormone, but also promote the movement sleep that night growth hormone secretion. Moderate exercise can also increase appetite, give you a healthy sleep, high on the long help. After some practice, said: “after reasonable movement’s sleep, like a baby sleep.”
Exercise can make people grow taller, but not able to any movement:
1. Is conducive to long high sports: volleyball, basketball, football, ballet, aerobics, stretching gymnastics, rope skipping, jogging.
2. Not conducive to the long high sports: weightlifting, weight-bearing exercises excessive exercise, excessive [...]

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