Vitamin E can directly rub the face? How to add vitamin E?

Vitamin is one of the essential nutrients of the human body, which is divided into many different types, of which vitamin E is the most well-known woman. In many women’s hearts, vitamin E can be described as a universal beauty element, due to anti-oxidation, so anti-aging, wrinkles, blemishes or scar removal have a good effect. Really so magical? Spread the Internet can be rubbed directly on the face of vitamin E beauty, really?
Vitamin E can be directly applied to the face smear the best before the sun
Vitamin E [...]

Prevention and treatment of dandruff

In order to prevent excessive dandruff situation, in normal life should pay attention to the following questions:
1. Reasonable arrangements for schedule, should not be overworked
2. Maintain a pleasant mood and relax your mind and body
3. Regular outdoor exercise and physical activity contribute to skin health
4. To maintain good eating habits, should not eat too spicy
5. Reasonable arrangements shampoo time
6. Choose the right shampoo
Shampoo is the role of the hair play a role in cleaning and sterilization, so in the choice of shampoo can choose coal tar shampoo, this [...]

How to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp

To completely solve the itchy head, we must first find out the cause of itchy scalp. Scalp itching is due to a reduction in the defensive function of the head skin, and it causes itchy scalp such as fungal infection (Epidermidis furcifera), environmental impact, climate change, stress, scalding or shampoo Improper product and so on. Excessive hair oil and itchy scalp can affect each other, hair grease and more can form suitable for fungal infections (such as furrow fungus) growth environment, fungal reproduction further leads to itchy scalp, [...]

What foods are rich in vitamin D?

Vitamin D is mainly found in marine fish, animal liver, egg yolk and lean meat. Also fortified with fortified foods such as skim milk, cod liver oil, cheese, nuts and seafood, plus vitamin D. Also rich in vitamin D. Vegetable foods contain almost no vitamin D, vitamin D is mainly derived from animal foods. The source of vitamin D is slightly different from other nutrients, in addition to food sources, can also come from their own synthesis, but it requires more sun, to accept more ultraviolet radiation.
Often sun, [...]

How to make children fall in love with vegetables?

Children do not like to eat vegetables how to do? You know, in the growth and development of children, vegetables are essential. However, for some reason the children do not like to eat vegetables, how can this be done? Here, to teach Mom and Dad how to let children love to eat vegetables.
The importance of baby eating vegetables
Green leafy vegetables contain the most vitamins, vitamins and more leaves than rhizomes, leaves more than dead leaves, dark vegetables (such as greens) than light-colored (such as cabbage) more. Vegetables contain [...]

What food to eat benefit on the eyes of children

Good for visual development of food
Eye is an important organ of the human body, eye protection, in addition to usually do not watch TV for a long time, play computer, eye exercises regularly, outside, often eat food beneficial to the eyes, eye protection can also play a big role.
So, what is good for eyes food? Such as lean meat, poultry, animal offal, fish and shrimp, milk, eggs, beans, which contains a wealth of protein, vitamin A, the eyes are very useful. Lack of vitamin A, the eyes diminished [...]

What food can not be eaten with walnuts at the same time

Walnut can not eat with what? Walnut has beneficial brain function, many people will eat as snacks. However, to remind everyone that there are 6 kinds of food can not be eaten with walnuts, otherwise it will be counterproductive.
The nutritional value of walnuts
Walnut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, regular consumption of walnuts, not only does not increase blood sugar, but also reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients eat, walnuts contain large amounts of fat, , Treatment of [...]

How women care for their own breasts in life

For their current health, even the chest and then beautiful, but also need to care for their own breast care, some of the bad habits of daily life, will make their own breasts under threat, so come today Share: How do women in life care for their breasts?
Know the normal development of the breast knowledge
Women love their breasts, the first thing to know is their normal breast development. Women from adolescence, due to changes in the body hormones, breast development until maturity. To pregnancy once again due to [...]

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