The role of trace elements

The human body is composed of more than 80 kinds of elements. According to the content of different elements in the human body, can be divided into macro elements and trace elements two categories. All elements that make up more than one ten thousandth of the total body weight, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium, are called constant elements; Such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, molybdenum, cobalt, fluorine, known as trace elements (iron, also known as semi-trace elements). The amount of [...]

What food to eat can help sleep

Because of some unhealthy living habits, the body has a variety of problems. Many people, even many young people, often suffer from insomnia when they are ready to go to bed at night. Can not sleep all night long, seriously affecting the second day of life work, but also to their own body to some harm. Scientific research shows that these foods have a soothing effect on the human body to help sleep.
First, Apple. Apple is rich in pectin, protein, vitamins and potassium, zinc and other trace elements, [...]

Treatment of tongue ulcers

Tongue ulcers are one of the common oral diseases that belong to oral ulcers. When a disease occurs, the tongue ulcers stimulate your nerves to make you feel upset and upset, so share with you how to deal with the tongue ulcers today.Tongue ulcers are one of the common oral diseases that belong to oral ulcers. When a disease occurs, the tongue ulcers stimulate your nerves to make you feel upset and upset, so share with you how to deal with the tongue ulcers today.Tongue ulcersTongue ulcers are [...]

Lumbar disc herniation does not cost money, the simplest way of treatment.

Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc is a common disease that sports and white-collar workers are prone to. It is caused by trauma or a variety of other reasons, resulting in the rupture of the intervertebral disc, causing the nucleus pulposus to protrude from the intervertebral disc, thereby constricting the lumbago and leg pain caused by nerve roots. A doctor of a medical research institute has designed a combination of waist and oblique panels. This method has a good effect on the treatment of lumbar intervertebral protrusion. The advantages [...]

Prevention of baby eczema diet taboo

Eczema occurs in the head and face, then gradually spread to the neck, shoulders, back, limbs, and even spread to the whole body. Sick child often because it is mainly irritability, crying and even affect sleep at night, but also due to children with itchy hand can often cause bacterial infections and further aggravate the skin.
There are many reasons for eczema, which are related to a variety of internal and external factors. Some external factors such as moonlight, UV, cold, heat and other physical factors, exposure to silk [...]

Vitamin E can directly rub the face? How to add vitamin E?

Vitamin is one of the essential nutrients of the human body, which is divided into many different types, of which vitamin E is the most well-known woman. In many women’s hearts, vitamin E can be described as a universal beauty element, due to anti-oxidation, so anti-aging, wrinkles, blemishes or scar removal have a good effect. Really so magical? Spread the Internet can be rubbed directly on the face of vitamin E beauty, really?
Vitamin E can be directly applied to the face smear the best before the sun
Vitamin E [...]

Prevention and treatment of dandruff

In order to prevent excessive dandruff situation, in normal life should pay attention to the following questions:
1. Reasonable arrangements for schedule, should not be overworked
2. Maintain a pleasant mood and relax your mind and body
3. Regular outdoor exercise and physical activity contribute to skin health
4. To maintain good eating habits, should not eat too spicy
5. Reasonable arrangements shampoo time
6. Choose the right shampoo
Shampoo is the role of the hair play a role in cleaning and sterilization, so in the choice of shampoo can choose coal tar shampoo, this [...]

How to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp

To completely solve the itchy head, we must first find out the cause of itchy scalp. Scalp itching is due to a reduction in the defensive function of the head skin, and it causes itchy scalp such as fungal infection (Epidermidis furcifera), environmental impact, climate change, stress, scalding or shampoo Improper product and so on. Excessive hair oil and itchy scalp can affect each other, hair grease and more can form suitable for fungal infections (such as furrow fungus) growth environment, fungal reproduction further leads to itchy scalp, [...]

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