In Europe Experts seek ways to end smoking

European experts gave their warnings to insisting smokers in Europe at a conference here on Wednesday, as European countries are taking necessary rules and regulations to prevent the use of tobacco products.
More than 400 experts, academicians and members of civil organizations from all around Europe gathered at the 6th European Conference on Tobacco or Health in Istanbul in a bid to bring an end to the use of tobacco in Europe.
A research in 2013 showed that among 34 European countries, England was the most successful country in struggling [...]

Nurses in short supply in Poland – Patient numbers grow

The average age of nurses in Poland is 47 and soon there will not be enough of them to take care of patients, according to local press on Wednesday.
Some hospitals already employ nurses who are 67 years old. Of 192,000 nurses employed by Polish hospitals, those who are aged 30 or younger account for less than 2 percent.
Thirty percent of nurses are due to retire over the next eight years. In 10 years’ time there will be 184,000 nurses while the need will be for 340,000.
Poland comes last [...]

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