Three kinds of food will help conserve hair – hair loss against in the fall

Autumn climate is dry, easy to hair loss and hair loss symptoms aggravate, if you have this trouble, and for unknown reasons, do not rush to try a variety of hair growth and hair care products can promote, you can try the diet.
Saltwater fish
Salmon, tuna, sea fish like sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids such human body essential help to nourish the hair and prevent hair loss and even dry cracking. In addition, walnuts and other nuts are also rich in the fatty acids.
Green [...]

5 diet tips may improve female hair loss

Diet tips to improve female hair loss:
1, Iron supplementation
The study found that nearly thirty percent of the presence of iron deficiency phenomenon of female hair loss, hair loss and therefore patients should eat iron-rich foods, such as beans, black beans, eggs, peanuts, carrots, potatoes, spinach, octopus, shrimp, carp, bananas and so on.
2, Add vegetable protein
The study found that hair loss hair nitrogen acid, cystine significantly reduced, and therefore, the daily should eat foods rich in these two amino acids, such as soy, black sesame, corn and so on.
3, Eat [...]

What foods to eat to prevent sparse hair

Do you know what  foods to eat to prevent of sparse hair:
1, Egg
Eggs are rich in biotin (a B vitamin, it can improve hair growth and overall health of the scalp). Lack of such elements, the hair will become very fragile. Other foods rich in biotin also include peanuts, almonds, wheat bran, salmon, low-fat cheese, and avocado.
2, Lean red meat
Body iron deficiency can cause baldness. According to treat iron deficiency may help hair growth. Hair loss or hair growth problems are usually iron deficiency body – especially women.
3, Banana, [...]

Four tips eliminate winter hair loss troubles

First, adequate sleep
Adequate sleep can promote skin and hair normal metabolism, and metabolism of mainly at night especially between 22:00 to 2:00, this time adequate sleep, you can make the hair normal metabolism. Conversely, hair metabolism and nutrition out of balance will be hair loss.
Suggestion: try to make sleep less than six hours a day, develop a regular sleep habits. Note diet, rich in protein and trace elements eat rich foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, eat less greasy and high sugar foods.
Second, avoid excessive damage
Hair color, perm and [...]

Prevention of dandruff to eat 3 kinds of food

Dandruff is a product of the metabolism of the scalp, in addition, dandruff generation and offset some of the nutrients also have a close relationship. In fact, there are many dandruff prevention and treatment methods, and by improving diet, dandruff can be a good way to achieve our goal.
Prevention of dandruff to eat:
1, Vitamin food
If the body lacks vitamin long time, it would lead to dandruff continuously generated, that is, as long as the attention to vitamin supplements can effectively suppress dandruff. Especially vitamin B2, seborrheic dermatitis, a [...]

Use olive oil hair care 4 tips

Olive oil skin care, as we all know, but you know that in fact it can be used to keep hair hair care? In the end how to properly use olive oil hair care?
The trick one: olive oil hair wooden comb
We all know that comb the hair can often dredge the vitality, nourish and rugged play hair, ears and brain, scattered wind eyesight, headache prevention role. Then comb the hair dipped in olive oil is more beneficial for the hair. Olive oil is not only sufficient nutrients are [...]

The most beneficial hair growth 5 kinds of food

Mentioned hair care, many people will think of hair mask and conditioner and other hair products. In fact, through a balanced diet is equally important hair care from the inside out. The most beneficial hair growth five kinds of food:
Salmon. Salmon protein and vitamin D are beneficial to strengthen hair, salmon omega-3 fatty acids in the hair like the importance of the importance of water on the human body. The fatty acids, beneficial scalp cells healthy and prevent scalp, hair dry.
Walnuts. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids [...]

Four types of food effectively prevent hair loss

What types of food are effectively prevent hair loss?
1, Copper, iron and trace elements in food
Trace elements copper, iron, etc. have a pivotal role in hair care. Lack of copper, iron can cause hair color fades, yellow.
★ Champion foods: nuts, beans, animal liver, vegetables.
2, Foods containing vitamin A
Hair loss and dandruff is a common symptom of vitamin A deficiency. Carrots, spinach, lettuce leaves and other vegetables contain more vitamin A, and animal liver, fish, shrimp and eggs also contain foods rich in vitamin A.
★ Champion foods: green vegetables, animal [...]

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