The American Academy of Dermatology suggests to prevent hair loss

What suggests to prevent hair loss? If you’re losing your hair, you may be able to slow the tide. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests:

Use caution in washing, drying and styling your hair.
Certain medications can trigger hair loss. Don’t stop taking any medication. Instead, talk to your dermatologist about whether there are alternatives.
Hair loss can be temporary. Factors such as just having given birth, illness or stress may be at play. Speak to your doctor about this possibility.

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Life Stress Will Triggers Hair Loss

Do you know Life Stress Will Triggers Hair Loss? Stress can harm your locks and may cause hair on your scalp to shed.
A 2003 study in the American Journal of Pathology says that stress can negatively affect the cycling activity of hair follicles, which in turn causes hair loss. Another study published in the American Academy of Dermatology in 2007 reports that stress may be the primary reason for unexplained hair loss in both men and women. The study even says that telogen effluvium, a very common hair [...]

Scalp Infection will cause hair loss

Do you know Scalp Infection will cause hair loss? An unhealthy scalp can cause inflammation in the hair follicles, making it difficult for hair to grow. In fact, a scalp infection can lead to hair loss.
There are different types of scalp infections, but the most common is tinea capitis. It is a type of fungal infection, also known as ringworm of the scalp.
The fungi can live on the dead tissue of the hair and spread easily. It may affect only parts of the scalp, or all of it. Areas that [...]

How to prevent hair loss – one of the most prominent and earliest symptoms of iron deficiency

How to prevent hair loss – one of the most prominent and earliest symptoms of iron deficiency? Those who suffer from iron-deficiency anemia often complain of thinning and brittle hair. In fact, hair loss is one of the most prominent and earliest symptoms of iron deficiency in the body.
Due to a low iron level in the body, the blood lacks sufficient red blood cells that transport oxygen to cells throughout your body, including the hair follicles. Without enough oxygen, hair becomes deprived of essential nutrients required for growth [...]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) will cause hair loss

Do you know Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) will cause hair loss? Hair thinning as well as rapid hair loss are common signs of PCOS, which causes a hormonal imbalance in the body. About one in every 10 to 15 women in the United States suffer from this health problem. 
PCOS leads to an overload of testosterone or androgen hormones in the body, which interact with the enzyme found in hair follicles and convert to its derivative dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
It is the DHT that binds with the hair follicles, causes them to shrink and [...]

The taro is an alkaline food – eat taro can black hair

Taro nutrients
Taro nutritious, which contain 13% carbohydrates, mainly starch; protein containing about 2%, fat little. Taro also contains potassium, calcium variety of ingredients, B vitamins, carotenoids, saponin and vitamin C, etc., where a higher fluorine content, has a role in protecting the teeth.
Taro contains a natural plant polysaccharide gel, can promote appetite, help digestion, antidiarrheal effect; and also that the function of dietary fiber, can be laxative to prevent constipation; and can improve the body’s resistance to disease, help convalescence.
Chinese medicine believes taro spleen and stomach, fill in [...]

How to make honey + onion juice to prevent and treat of hair loss

Do you know how to make honey + onion juice to prevent and treat of hair loss? Onion juice is one of the best home remedies for thinning hair and hair loss. Its sulfur content improves blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair regrowth. Sulfur is considered one of the primary building blocks of hair. It is required for healthy collagen and keratin. Many amino acids, the building blocks of protein, have a sulfur component, and keratin proteins have large amounts of sulfur-containing amino acids. Studies have also found onions to [...]

What diets can cause hair loss

Do you know what diets can cause hair loss?
Do not eat fresh fruits and vegetables: one of the factors leading to hair yellowing is due to acidic toxins in the blood due to physical and mental fatigue, long-term excessive eating pure sugar and fatty foods, so that the body metabolic process produces acid toxin . Liver, meat, onions and other foods acidic substances that can cause blood acid toxin has too much should eat less.
Eating meat too much: When a lot of people now eat will often eat meat, [...]

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