Note the elderly dietotherapy of cerebral arteriosclerosis

Cerebral arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis is a part of the body, but also the acute cerebral blood circulation, especially the main basis of the incidence of cerebral ischemic attack, should actively control their daily lives, usually diet should pay attention to the following aspects:
1, limit high-fat diet:
Prevention of atherosclerosis is the most important principles of diet therapy to limit fat intake. Not too much intake of animal fat, eat less fat, lard, organ meats, egg yolks, butter and other high-fat foods, these foods contain saturated fat mainly to promote the [...]

Dietary treatment of atherosclerosis – tips to prevent atherosclerosis

Dietary treatment of atherosclerosis is a main measures to prevent atherosclerosis.
1, The intake of calories and energy consumption must be balanced, it is best to keep this balance standard weight range. If you are overweight, not only to reduce calorie intake, physical activity should also be enhanced to strengthen the calories consumption.
2, Focus on reducing dietary animal fat and protein, each meal must be strictly controlled meat food. Because even the most lean meat containing 10-20% of animal fat, put fat intake reduced to a minimum.
3, Lower cholesterol [...]

What is atherosclerosis ?

Atherosclerosis is a common disease of arteriosclerosis of the most important one. Which is characterized by involved artery disease, from the beginning of intima. General first, the accumulation of lipids and complex carbohydrates, bleeding and thrombosis, fibrous tissue hyperplasia and calcification, and the gradual metamorphosis and the middle artery calcification, the lesions often involving elastic and large and medium of muscular arteries , etc., Once developed enough to block arteries lumen, then the arterial supply of the tissue or organ to ischemia or necrosis. As the the accumulation [...]

what food to eat to prevent atherosclerosis

The daily diet, generally contain a certain amount of grease, if you usually like to eat fatty food, but pay no attention to the uptake of other minerals, too much grease will be deposited in the vessel wall, induced atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases , proper dietary modification may slow the progress of cerebral arteriosclerosis.
Suitability food:
1, more edible plants protein (such as soy products) and complex carbohydrates (such as starch, etc.), eating less simple carbohydrates (if sugar, sucrose, honey, and lactose, etc.).
2, eat more foods rich in vitamin [...]

How to treatment and prevent of arteriosclerosis

1, Should pay attention to strengthening the physical and physical exercise. Physical activity will help to improve blood circulation, promote lipid material consumption and reduce the deposition of lipids in the blood vessels to increase plasmin activity and weight loss, it should adhere to the household chores and exercise within your ability. To have mental retardation, mental disorders and physical activity impaired, it is necessary to strengthen care, to prevent accidents.
2, Attention control diet. Should be limited mainly high cholesterol, high fat intake to reduce the deposition of [...]