Precautions of face acne – anti-acne tips

7 tips to anti-acne, what about precautions of face acne?
1. Regulate gastrointestinal function, maintaining smooth stool, conducive to the rehabilitation of this disease.
2. Attention to rest, sleep and maintain good mental state.
3. Remain cheerful. Acne, do not produce the psychological burden, in order to avoid neuroendocrine disorders, made ??it worse.
4. Do not hand squeeze acne, squeezing his hand easily cause the spread of inflammation, scarring and even worse.
5. Note facial cleansing, maintaining catheter patency sebaceous follicles. wash your face with warm water twice a day, because the cold [...]

How to prevent acne and acne skin care

If you have acne, this might seem to be the only real natual skincare problem which means something. Oftentimes, however, acne breakouts can be a complaint that disappear eventually. Meanwhile, the skin layer stays with you every one of your existence. Whenever you attempt to manage your acne problem, it’s essential that you think about the general health onto the skin at the same time. You’ll find out about a few ways accomplished.
 Acne is a common skin problem that people of all ages suffer from. Especially teenagers suffer [...]

What fruits to eat for acne

If you have acne What to eat fruit? If popping crowded acne on his face, always a to people very troubling things, so to say, is to draw attention to actively prevent acne patients will have to pay attention to your diet and life conditioning active treatment.
Fruit treatment of acne
Grape acne patients can eat fruit, grape called beauty king of the fruit sector, grapes contain a large number of grape polyphenols have antioxidant function, can block the proliferation of free gene, and effective anti-aging; It also contains tannic [...]

The red beans mud detoxification anti-acne mask

Material: 100 grams of red beans, water a little
Method: Wash red beans into the boiling water and cook for about 30 minutes, until soft and rotten red beans; boiled red beans and stir into the blender, labeled as red bean mud cooling can be used. The mask evenly to the face and wrap it in about 15 minutes, wash with warm water.
Efficacy: detoxification effect, can promote skin quickly discharged grease effectively control of acne skin healthier, more tender and perfectly clear.
Added: natural mask deterioration, should not be saved, [...]

Tomato strawberry detoxification anti-acne mask

Material: 1 fresh tomato, 2 fresh strawberries
Method: Wash tomatoes, torn skin, strawberry stalks washed, squeezed into juice. Infriction facial of acne with juice, daily morning and evening, for 30 minutes and wash.
Efficacy: tomato strawberry mask juices rich in vitamin C, carotene, anti-viruses and bacteria, detoxification effect, and skin whitening effect. Strawberry juice, tomato juice can be used alone and painted face.

Alba Botanica Fast Fix Sheet Anti-Acne Mask, Papaya (Pack of 8)

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SHILLS Blackhead, Wrinkles, Anti Acne Black Mask. Removes blemishes- Purifyies, Cleanses Skin. Activated [...]

What fruit to eat can remove acne – How to remove acne

Fruit nutritional value is very high, and eat the fruit can remove acne. Fruit, essential to a gluttonous feast cuisine.Fruit benefits everyone knows, the fruit there some magical effect, we are not well-known, for example, it can be remove acne.
Remove acne, good approach is: diet light as far as possible, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, less fat, less sweet, less stimulation, avoid eating too many foods contain coloring and artificial flavors, as well as caffeinated food .
1, Grapefruit
The grapefruit is very rich in proteins, [...]

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