Brown rice can help prevent diabetes

A recent Japanese study found that brown rice rich content “γ- oryzanol” can adjust the pancreas “β cells” to help restore normal pancreatic function, and thus play a role in the prevention of diabetes or alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

Long-term intake of high-fat, high-sugar foods will burden the pancreas, resulting in β-cell function to reduce insulin secretion, can not produce the necessary amount of insulin to keep blood sugar stable, leading to diabetes. Agency Ryukyu University researchers in Japan for 13 weeks to mice fed a high-calorie foods alone will lead to reduce the amount of β cells, insulin secretion is also reduced. And if you let the mice while intake of high-calorie foods and γ- oryzanol is not only able to maintain a stable number of β cells, but also to maintain its normal function. The researchers said that diabetes in high-risk population is rising sharply, according to the latest research, it is necessary to focus on the future role of brown rice, the idea of its value. The researchers next will accordingly develop appropriate nutritional supplements to help people through ingestion γ- oryzanol to prevent diabetes.

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Article: Brown rice can help prevent diabetes


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