Blacklist of foods that affect baby’s growth

Not conducive to children grow food is mainly less nutrition, but it can increase the baby’s fullness, affect the baby’s intake of other foods, some also consume the body’s calcium, eventually leading to malnutrition.

A variety of carbonated drinks: It is indicated that 60% of children who prefer carbonated drinks tend to develop normally due to calcium deficiency. In particular, cola drinks in the phosphorus content is too high, excessive drinking lead to the body of calcium, phosphorus imbalance, resulting in retardation.

A variety of candy, sweet drinks: too much sugar will affect the body fat consumption, resulting in fat accumulation, but also affect calcium metabolism. Some professionals believe that if the amount of sugar to eat the total food intake of 16% to 18%, you can make the body’s metabolic disorders of calcium, hinder the body’s calcification, affecting the tall.

Nutritional terms, on the other hand, have the term “virtual calories”, which means that they have no nutritional calories. Excessive consumption of sugary drinks, will disrupt the digestive system, affecting normal eating, resulting in malnutrition.

A variety of “junk food”: fried food, puffed food, preserved food, canned food products due to the nutritional loss in the production process, but also the use of a variety of additives such as flavors, preservatives, coloring, etc., although they provide A lot of calories, but protein, vitamins and other nutrients are very small, long-term consumption of such foods, can lead to malnutrition in children.

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Article: Blacklist of foods that affect baby’s growth

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