BlackBerry 7 benefits to aid digestion and improve the immune effect

BlackBerry 7 benefits:

1, enhance immunity

Blackberry vitamin C content is twice of blueberries. British dietician Ursula Arens said that vitamin C in the body can play a variety of important features to help boost the immune system, maintain cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, while improving the body’s absorption of iron in the diet, to reduce anemia dangerous. Therefore, physical weak people to eat more food to enhance immunity.

2, aid digestion

Arens said Blackberry cellulose content than most other fruits. A Blackberry containing cellulose 8 g, cellulose content is higher than two cups of wheat to help better meet the 25 grams daily demand of cellulose. Cellulose is extremely important for digestive health, helps maintain a healthy weight and reduce high cholesterol.

3, wound healing

Blackberry tannic acid. Princess Grace Hospital in London, chief nutritionist Sarah Wilson said the BlackBerry helps tighten skin, constricts blood vessels, reducing the amount of bleeding. Traditional medicine, the BlackBerry is a wound healing agent.

4, anti-cancer

Arens said Blackberry rich in antioxidants anthocyanins. The study found that anthocyanins inhibit tumor cell growth. Another Blackberry also contains a flavonoid called C3G, which can effectively treat skin cancer and lung cancer.

5, eye protection

Blackberry contained lutein retina of the eye to prevent the formation of spots, while preventing UV damage eyes. In addition to the Blackberry, there are many capable eye protection of foods, such as corn, cassia and so on.

6, strong bone

Blackberry is an excellent food source of trace elements manganese, 50% a Blackberry can meet the daily demand of manganese. Manganese helps the body to form connective tissue, is essential for strong bones.

7, promote healthy cell division

Blackberry rich in folic acid (vitamin B9) play an important role in the health of cell division and growth process. Recommended for pregnant women to eat blackberries, to reduce neonatal spina bifida and other birth defects.


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Article: BlackBerry 7 benefits to aid digestion and improve the immune effect


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