Beware of arthritis patients with diabetes

Due to hardening of the arteries narrow, inadequate nutrition and metabolism, nerve disorders, diabetic patients may occur feeling diminished or even lost. At this joint has been damaged, and patients are unaware, unable to control movement through self-reflection, which may aggravate joint damage. To this end, due to lack of time, lack of motivation and other reasons, people with diabetes often can not reach the doctor recommended exercise levels. But the study confirmed that the lack of exercise can increase the risk of arthritis. Therefore, patients with diabetes prevent arthritis from the following aspects:

★ active treatment or control of diabetes.

★ physical exercise, while reducing the physical load and range of activities, to avoid trauma and strain.

★ proper diet, pay attention to add active vitamin D, calcium, eat more vegetables and less animal fat, avoid overweight.

★ pay attention to rest and refrain from smoking.

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Article: Beware of arthritis patients with diabetes


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