Benefits of drink water fasting in the early morning

1, Supplementary water
Sleep at night, when the human body from urine, skin, breathing consumed a lot of water, the morning after, the body will be in a state of physiological lack of water. One night, the loss of body water about 450 ml. Early morning drink water to add to the body metabolism to lose moisture.

2, To prevent constipation
After getting up early in the morning drinking water can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, intestinal humid, soften stool and promote the excretion of stool and prevent constipation.

3, Stomach washed
Been morning after getting up gastrointestinal emptying, then drink water can wash clean the stomach, dilute the acid, to reduce stomach irritation, so keep the best of the gastrointestinal condition.

4, Sober the brain
After getting up drink the water will soon be absorbed by the intestinal mucosa into the blood, which can effectively increase the blood volume, dilute the blood, lower blood viscosity, promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases, but also makes sober the rapid recovery of brain state.

5, Beauty
Morning after getting up drink water, to allow water to quickly transported to the body, helps blood circulation, but also helps the body expel toxins and nourish skin.

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Article: Benefits of drink water fasting in the early morning

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