Benefit the baby’s intellectual development of nutritional elements

reschool children’s most important is the balanced nutrition, to ensure a good physical and mental state, to meet the future school stage. In fact, the baby’s intelligence is not determined from birth, early education and nutrition in life will increase the intelligence of preschoolers.

Five kinds of nutrients to develop baby intelligence
Both substances are high in the brain. Lecithin-rich foods (egg yolk, animal brain, bone marrow, etc.) help to improve brain cell function and enhance intelligence and memory. Therefore, children before the age of 6 eat this kind of food, is conducive to the improvement and development of intelligence.

The brain’s thinking and mental activity require energy, while the energy supplied to the brain’s activity is mainly glucose. Glucose-containing foods are rice, flour, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, potato and so on. Eat more food for infants and toddlers to improve IQ. Should pay attention to children can not eat too much chocolate, sugar, etc., carbohydrate foods can weaken IQ. A Japanese doctor pointed out: “The most serious acidic foods that destroy the brain are white sugar and chocolate.”

Trace elements
Beans, beef, liver, chicken, eggs, fish, black fungus, mushrooms, kelp, etc. These substances are rich in zinc, iodine, copper, iron, selenium and other trace elements, which constitute the necessary nutrients in the brain is Improve the IQ of children essential substances. The lack of these trace elements in young children, especially zinc-deficient elements, can cause malnutrition in the marginalized areas of the brain and damage to intelligence and memory.

Cellulose-rich foods are millet, corn, honey, sweet potatoes, bananas, children eat these foods can prevent constipation and improve IQ. Childhood constipation can hinder intellectual development. Constipation is the biggest enemy that hinders the intellectual development of young children.

Vitamin C
Children 6 years old often eat foods rich in vitamin C (jujube, grass mold, citrus, tomatoes, kiwi, etc.) is good for the development of IQ. Children under the age of 6 receive at least 1000 mg of vitamin C per day, in addition to preventing many diseases, but also make the child sober-minded, quick thinking, reduce fatigue, increased memory.

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Article: Benefit the baby’s intellectual development of nutritional elements

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