Beer beauty skin care method

Beer contains vitamin B and zinc, which can effectively enhance the body’s immune system, and help remove the body of excess water and fat, improve skin condition and prevent aging. Beauty can be achieved with a beer nourish the skin and prevent infection, rough skin becomes delicate and smooth, but the facial skin disease also have some secondary effects. Beer shampoo to treat scalp itching, dandruff too, as well as the role of moist hair.

Beer is mainly composed of barley, hops, etc. made rich in protein, sugar, vitamins and amino acids. Hops brewed beer is the main raw material, is a perennial plant Sankoh, has a special aroma, and contain lupulone, law oxadiazon, bitter acids, tannins and volatile oil ingredients. German scientists have conducted experiments to prove: hops with anti-tuberculosis, staphylococcus and inhibit fungal effects. Some beauticians also believes beer can achieve nutrition for beauty skin, the skin becomes delicate and smooth effect. Specifically: wash in warm water, stir well, add a little fresh beer, soaking the towel, wring, rub in the face to do a clockwise, then a few minutes Behind Finally, wash the face with warm water. 1 day, at night the best. Wash your face regularly with beer, not only the obvious cosmetic effect, but also for the treatment of facial skin diseases also have some effect.

Beer mask
A, Beer pores Mask
Ingredients: 1 bottle of beer, a small vessel, a number of medical cotton cloth


1, Small clean container, pour the beer and the medical cotton cloth soak them for about 3 minutes.

2, Remove the cotton cloth, wring a little bit, apply to the face.

3, Facial muscles relax, apply about half an hour, in the middle if you feel moisture in dry gauze, can again put gauze soaked in beer, then apply.

B,  Honey Beer mask

Ingredients: half a lemon, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 bottle of beer, mask powder

1, Stir together a mash of half a lemon and honey, beer, mask powder,
And gently apply to the face.

2, Deposited about 20 minutes, rinse with water, apply skin care products daily.

C,  Beer Lemon Shampoo
Ingredients: 1 bottle of beer, 2 tablespoons lemon juice
Method: Put all ingredients mixed in the hair after shampooing apply to, you can also add half a bottle of beer into a spray bottle, then add a small amount of water, spray directly onto damp hair, then comb shape, after the natural drying is ideal hairstyle.

D, Beer dandruff lotion

Ingredients: 1 bottle of beer
Approach: first beer hot in hot water temperature, then pour in the hair wet hair will keep the 15 – 30 minutes, and continue to gently massage the scalp. Then rinse with warm water, and finally washed with a solution of ordinary shampoo twice a day, four or five days you can eliminate dandruff and itching.


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Article: Beer beauty skin care method


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