Baby the benefits of zinc supplementation

1, Benefits of zinc supplementation baby: Promote your baby’s growth and development
The essence of human growth and development of rapid cell division and growth process. Zinc in this process, and the human body interact at least 80 kinds of enzymes, particularly in relation phosphatase of bone growth, once the zinc deficiency, will result in reducing its activity, thus affecting the growth of the baby’s body. At the same time, zinc is also widely involved in nucleic acid, protein and body synthesis and secretion of growth hormone, is the physical development of the power source.

Amount of calcium supplementation before the baby to add zinc, can achieve a multiplier effect. Because zinc is not only to promote bone cell division, growth and regeneration ability, but also can accelerate the absorption of calcium regulation of alkaline phosphatase synthesis, so, for the use of calcium and lay a good foundation at the same time, more help in calcium absorption and deposition. Baby Zinc deficiency affects bone development, can lead to serious or even “dwarfism” occurred.

2, Benefits of baby: To promote baby’s intellectual development
Survey found that low awareness and understanding of children, more than 44% tend to have zinc deficiency. Zinc on the child’s nervous system plays an important role. Once in the human body zinc metabolism of imbalance, it will directly affect the brain activity of many important enzymes and central nervous system neurotransmitter release delivery, they can even make changes in the structure of brain tissue and interfere with intellectual development, particular attention to parents with the baby in the fetal period to 3 years old zinc supplement.

3, Benefits of zinc supplementation baby: Improve the baby’s own immune system
Zinc is a nutrient immune organs thymus development, only zinc is adequate to effectively ensure the thymus development, normal T cell differentiation and promote cellular immune function.

4, Benefits of zinc supplementation baby: Promote your baby’s appetite

In addition to the baby the above four, it can also help heal wounds and trauma, and promote the absorption of vitamin A. Zinc and vitamin A in liver and retinal reductase component, the visual material synthesis, a key enzyme, zinc deficiency can affect vision and dark adaptation. Zinc deficiency can lead to young people without secondary sexual characteristics appear, especially in male babies, and even affect future reproductive function. Therefore, the problem of zinc deficiency in children we should be given enough attention.

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Article: Baby the benefits of zinc supplementation

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