Baby good health must be a good vitamin supplement

The growth and development of children, in addition to the need for adequate protein, fat and carbohydrates, we should also add enough vitamins to meet their growth needs.

Vitamins, the role of large. Each vitamin has its own unique features, functionality as well as synergies some vitamins.

Vitamin A is especially important for infants and young children. – Eye development is inseparable from vitamin A, epithelial cells and tissues healthy growth, development, and enhance their resistance. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble, can be stored in the body. If the child does not like to eat foods rich in vitamin A (such as liver), nor love eating carotene-rich foods (such as carrots), there may occur vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin C can be difficult to absorb body ferric iron reduced to ferrous iron easily absorbed to promote iron absorption in the intestines, but also to the plasma transferrin in the reduction of ferric iron to ferrous iron, improve the utilization of iron to prevent child has iron deficiency anemia. On the other hand, vitamin doses of vitamin C can prevent addition, vitamin C can improve and protect children’s cardiac function.

B vitamins, vitamin B1, B2, B6, niacin and other metabolism and calories. In the growth and development of children, of exuberant, B vitamins in the absence of any kind, will affect the heat can not be normal, resulting in stunted growth. If children lack niacin, niacin will occur, affecting the nervous system development, serious performance.

Vitamin D and bone growth in children at the height of the peak period, is a large reservoir of bone calcium stage. Vitamin D, calcium storage inseparable involvement, so a lack of vitamin D can affect children’s bone calcification, can be serious for regular outdoor activities, receive positive children, is generally not a lack of vitamin D. If the child is rarely in the sun, you should lower vitamin D.

Accepted sports training children consume more calories. So to timely increase in nutrition-related vitamins. Proportional to the heat requirement and consumption of these vitamins is usually consumed per 4184 kJ (1000 kcal) of heat needed vitamins B1, B2 each 0.4 mg, 4 mg of niacin.

Compared with adults, growth and development of children of relatively higher vitamin requirements. In this sense, even if the child is not a partial eclipse, also need the right amount and balance of various vitamin supplements.

Some children rosy and plump, weighing more than average weight, it seems very healthy, but it is easy to fever, cold, after examination revealed hemoglobin is low, there are also anemic. In the treatment of anemia, in addition to the supply of protein and iron, should also simultaneously vitamin B12 and folic acid.

Supplementary vitamins, the dose must be balanced. Excessive intake of a vitamin that can cause or exacerbate other vitamin deficiency. Such as diet deficient in B vitamins, alone give a lot of Vitamin B1, niacin can increase the degree of deficiency. Therefore, when vitamin supplements, while giving the best multivitamin, which is reasonable but also very necessary.

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Article: Baby good health must be a good vitamin supplement


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