Baby brain development of eight kinds of key elements

What are the key elements for Baby brain development ?

DHA – helps babies Infancy to grow up, intelligence continues to lead

DHA, scientific name docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as “brain gold.” It is an important structural component of the central nervous system, the main body of human brain fat, accounting for 50% of brain tissue, DHA in the brain accounts for 35% to 45% of the total fat content, it is in promoting the baby’s intelligence and visual aspects Play a key role. Clinical research found that: DHA has a significant effect on intellectual upgrading. American nutrition expert Professor Betts conducted a study of DHA brain development in babies: grouping babies within 4 months of birth, a group of dietary supplements of 17 mg / 100 kcal DHA and 34 mg / 100 kcal ARA, another group did not add. After 18 months, the DMI group had a higher IQI score (MDI) than the unadulterated group by 7 points. The results of the follow-up study also showed that the IQ of the DHA group was 7 points higher at 4 years of age. That is to say, the baby supplemented the DHA of scientific verification during infancy, not only by 7 points at 18 months and 7 points at 4 years of age. The 4-year-old children and 17-year-old IQ correlation as high as 71%, that is, children with high IQ 4 years old, up to 17 years old, IQ is likely to remain at a high level. Therefore, in the infancy of science to supplement the level of DHA certification, is conducive to the baby during infancy to grow up, the intelligence continues to lead.

Choline – nerve conduction must material, helps to improve memory
Choline, also known as “memory factor”, is one of the important nutrients in breast milk. Choline is a very important mediator of acetylcholine synthesis and plays an important role in cell signaling, nerve impulse conduction, myelination and In the brain’s memory center (hippocampus) plays a very important role. The transmission between brain cells requires “delivery media.” Every brain cell has axons and dendrites. A brain cell sends signals through the axon, releasing acetylcholine, while the dendrites of another brain cell receive information. As the amount of acetylcholine in the baby’s brain increases, The speed of delivery can be accelerated, brain thinking is also more active, thus effectively helping to improve memory.

Protein – the material basis for the formation of brain cells
Proteins constitute the material basis of life and are important raw materials for cell proliferation, cell membrane, myelin sheath and axon and dendrites. They play an important role in promoting mental development. The lack of direct reaction is the poor intelligence development and poor vision of babies.

Taurine – is involved in the formation of axons and dendrites
Taurine in the baby and newborn baby’s brain is rich in content, widely distributed, not only to form a special component of axons and dendrites, but also with the development of the central nervous and retinal closely. If you do not replenish, it will cause baby’s mental retardation.

Trace elements – to promote brain cell development
Iodine – is an important element in the synthesis of thyroxine needed for the development of the baby’s brain, and can maintain certain excitability of the brain.

Iron-fetus baby’s brain already exists, is an important element of myelin, neurotransmitter formation and energy metabolism. Iron deficiency in your baby can have an irreversible effect on cognitive development.

Zinc, found in large quantities in the brain, is an element required for physical development, immunity and neuro-behavioral development in babies. Zinc supplementation promotes development of baby’s motor function and neurological and psychological functions.

Vitamin B6 – is an important coenzyme that synthesizes neurotransmitters GABA, serotonin and dopamine and is required for the baby’s perinatal development of the central nervous system.

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Article: Baby brain development of eight kinds of key elements


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