Baby allergy prevention – To be careful what food?

The occurrence of allergy patients will give a great deal of pain and inconvenience for small babies can not be correct and complete expression is especially true, but there are many causes of allergies, diet is the most important factor, if the parents want baby allergy prevention, the following contents must be useful to you.

First, milk.

Around us there are a lot of people, including adults and children children are milk allergic reaction, so if the baby milk serious allergy, then any milk products such as yogurt, fresh milk, powdered milk, or milk containing some foods, such as milk biscuits, etc. should be noted.

Second, eggs, especially egg whites.

Because gastrointestinal mucosal barrier within six months babies is not fully developed, and egg white protein molecules smaller, easily into the bloodstream through the intestinal mucosa, causing allergic reactions, such as skin eczema and urticaria.

Third, seafood: fish, shrimp, crab, seashells, seaweed;

Fourth, some fruits, such as citrus, lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc. In addition, tropical fruit, strawberry, plum, bayberry also relatively easy to make baby allergies.

Fifth, nuts like peanuts, grapes kernels which are also relatively easy to allergies.

Sixth, rich in protein and non-digestible food, such as some baby pork allergies. The chicken is not allergic to most meats, so the baby can start allergies try from chicken.

Seventh, some babies will have seeds, foods and some raw foods react: such as various beans, peanuts, sesame seeds and raw tomatoes, raw peanuts, raw chestnut, walnut and peach, grapes, persimmons.

I hope the baby’s diet for mothers must be careful, if the baby had allergy symptoms, be sure to find out the cause as soon as possible, in order to better prepare for the future diet.

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Article: Baby allergy prevention – To be careful what food?


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