Baby abdominal distension how to do

Under normal circumstances, normal newborns, especially premature children, breast-feeding is often seen in the more obvious abdominal bulge, sometimes galactorrhea, but if the baby quiet, abdomen soft, scratching their lump normal bowel movements, growth and development of good , that is “physiological abdominal distension,” is due to neonatal abdominal muscles thin, hypotonia, and caused more gastrointestinal gas production, without treatment.

If your baby spits up significant abdominal distension and bowel poor, consider home care. Parents can pick up the baby so that the baby prone or pat his back, so that the gas discharged from the esophagus, stomach; peppermint or hot towel can also be used to graze the abdomen in a clockwise direction to help exhaust. If your baby abdominal distension, less exhaust defecation, gently dip a cotton swab can be used to expand the anal vent or Vaseline to help defecation. However, this method does not help the baby develop good defecation reflex, not frequently used.

In addition, neonatal gastrointestinal function is poor, feeding process, parents should pay attention to the following points: 1. Intense crying baby easy flatulence, should be more comforting or hugging, emotional adjustment to help the baby to avoid flatulence worse. 2.-time breastfeeding. Baby hungry for too long, would be too hasty when you suck, swallow a lot of air. 3 feeding position to the right. When breastfeeding, should ensure that the baby’s mouth will all latch onto the nipple and areola, when artificial feeding, you should let the milk bottle mouth full front, do not have ramps, so let the baby inhaled air. In addition, usually can give your baby a clockwise abdominal massage, promote gastrointestinal motility and gas emissions. However, if the baby abdominal distension and frequent vomiting, poor spirit, not feeding, abdomen hard, shiny, redness, or be able to see the small blood vessels and palpable mass, there tarry stools, fever and other symptoms, should be approaching diagnosis and treatment of the hospital.

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Article: Baby abdominal distension how to do


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