Avocado beauty slimming effect? is that true?

Compared with other fruits, avocado vitamin C, mineral content is actually not much, but the fat content is particularly high, are high-calorie fruit. In addition, vitamin E content of avocado is no more than some nuts and seeds, monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado are also no more than camellia oil, olive oil, almond oil.

However, people will love the target shifted to avocado body, nutritional considerations are probably the second – we are nothing but hear it has a variety of magical effects: Beauty, breast enhancement, as well as the magical diet, before deciding to try .

Comparing avocado with apples, you will find nutritionally superior avocado protein and potassium levels, but high fat and calories are their drawbacks. It is not weight loss share.
Therefore, avocado is a good fruit, people choose it is “radish greens have their own love,” but expect to rely solely on it to lose weight, beauty, breast enhancement, etc., I am afraid to empty a joy.

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Article: Avocado beauty slimming effect? is that true?


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