Autumn Skin Care four main points

What should pay attention to skin care in autumn?

1, Choose the right skin care products: choose a mild cleanser, non-alcoholic lotion ingredients, but not greasy moisturizing cream and night cream with soft facial mask whitening effect. With the use of facial lotions, promote blood circulation, improve skin physiological environment, reduce skin wrinkles.

2. Day and night skin care: day care, facial cleansing done twice every day, so that the skin clean and moist, use a sunscreen when they go out to the role of cream; evening care, first with warm water, thoroughly clean cleanser facial skin, and then non-alcoholic lotion further cleansing and supplemental water, and then wipe the face evenly thin and strong penetration night Cream, proper hot compress allow nutrients penetrate deep into the skin to go.

3. Supplement the body of water: drinking enough water, drinking water 6-8 cups per day, and also replenish drinking fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc.; availability steam fumigation face to face replenish moisture; or applied with a moisturizing lotion face, in order to reduce surface moisture distribution.

4. Diet nursed back to health: drink soy milk, milk and other beverages, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, quit tobacco, alcohol, coffee, strong tea and fried foods. Eat more sesame seeds, walnuts, honey, white fungus, pears and other anti-dry nourishing food to nourish the skin.

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Article: Autumn Skin Care four main points

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