Autumn and winter skin care – apple moisturizing lips

The dressing lip anti-cracking. Little honey drops on the with small pieces of flesh cut and wrap lips can. Apple contained acidic ingredients gentle moisturizing effect on the lips, can prevent dry lips cracking luster moist lips, honey also has good moisturizing effect. Both with Lip efficacy doubled and is particularly suitable for application in the dry climate of the autumn and winter.

The apple peel rubdown to eliminate fatigue. Bath at night, you can put the apple peel wrapped with gauze or into the net bag on the tub bath or wipe the skin with apple peel, apple peel is rich in polyphenols can reach the skin effect. In addition, Apple belong to the Rosaceae plants, to disseminate the aroma relaxing effect, eliminate fatigue, physical and psychological pressure.

Apple peel boils water to remove pot dirt. Pot, the bottom of the basin used for a long time often have black boiler scale adhesion, cleared up quite strenuous, in fact you can pour in the water, and then put into the apple peel, boil, use of apple peel contains organic acids and boiler scale chemical effects that can be easily removed.

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Article: Autumn and winter skin care – apple moisturizing lips

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