Anti-Wrinkle Mask DIY

How to make Anti-Wrinkle Mask, :

1, Eggshell thin film Mask: When cooking, the soft eggshell within thin film paste facial wrinkles and cheeks, chin, let it dry and then peeled off, wipe with a soft sponge oily skin of dead skin; if it is dry skin, you should put some vegetable oil and then wipe off dead skin, and finally wash.

2, Egg mask: 1 bowl of flour plus 1 egg, pour 1 drop of baby oil (or olive oil) and mix thoroughly. Such as sleep is too dry, add some water. It is rich in nutrients, suitable for winter or dry, rough skin to use; summer skin than oil, egg yolk can put a little less, so as not to burden the skin caused by excessive nutrients.

3, Crisp pear Mask: crisp pear is rich in nutrients and fat ingredients, the production of the mask, just 1/4 crisp pear, peeled and ground into a pulpy, adding the right amount of flour, a little honey and 3 drops of lemon juice and mix well. It most dry skin lubricating effect.

4, Black tea mask: put the same amount of Black tea and brown sugar together until warm water after boiling, then add the flour and stir into a paste applied to the surface of the deposited about 15 minutes and finally wash with warm water can be. Black tea contains anti-aging ingredients, stick with, help reduce wrinkles and make skin surface becomes slippery AIDS.

5, Eggs olive oil mask: 1 egg, half a lemon, olive oil amount, a little salt. Practice: Beat eggs, add half the amount of lemon juice, coarse salt, olive oil and mix well together, applied to the face can be. 1 to 2 times a week at attaining, if sustained, not only wrinkle, can also promote skin smooth.

6, potatoes mask: a spoonful of potato flour with half a raw egg yolk blended. If the face looks tired, can mask cooked potatoes, not only can eliminate fatigue, but also to stretch wrinkles.

7, oatmeal mask: first wheat ground into pieces and then entering into the hot water, to be deposited in the face melted, 10 to 20 minutes after the wash with water. Because cereal rich in protein, and therefore have to tighten the skin effect, make the skin smooth, eliminate wrinkles.

8, Tremella Mask: the white fungus boiled gravy, into the refrigerator iced, each taking 3-5 drops applied to the eyes, eye, MOISTURE wrinkles, increase skin elasticity effect, once a day.

9, olive oil mask: the olive oil heated to about 37 ℃, then add honey, and then remove the gauze soaked in oil covering the face, removed after 20 minutes, to prevent skin aging, skin wrinkle cream effect, apply to dry skin, especially those.

10, egg white mask: egg white into the bowl (to the egg yolk) as from the white foam after mixing, add 6-8 drops of fresh lemon, mix directly applied to the face, with the convergence of the skin, anti-inflammatory anti-wrinkle effect.

11. Strawberry Milk Mask: 100 ml milk, 50 grams of strawberries, smashed drunk, both mixed into a paste, rubbed the face, leave for 20 minutes after the wash. This method prevents dry skin, aging skin shiny, moist and delicate.

12, yogurt mask: After the yogurt, cream of equal parts, mix thoroughly mixed surface covered, leave for 20 minutes, then wash with water. This method is a convergence effect, long-term adherence to eliminate facial wrinkles on the skin, leaving the skin smooth, apply facial wrinkles in older women or more maternal.

13, egg yolk and milk mask: Take a raw egg yolk and cucumber juice, whipped cream (or fresh milk) 1 tablespoon mixed force puddled into a paste, applied for 20 minutes, wash with cold water, make the face ruddy, soft, facial oil and more particularly beneficial wrinkled skin wrinkle homemade mask.

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Article: Anti-Wrinkle Mask DIY


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