Anti-hair loss and promote hair healthy food

Healthy hair is a personal health or vitality of one of the signs. To have a fundamentally healthy hair, what foods can help us achieve the aim?

1.Steak: steak rich in protein, iron and zinc, where zinc can make the scalp more firmly link the glands in the hair follicle, played the role of solid hair. Meanwhile, the hair most of the nutrients from proteins, so the high-protein steak also help hair health.

2.Almond: The study found out who hair more deficient in vitamin B6, vitamin E, iron and zinc. In addition, the high fat diet will cause the increase in male testosterone, leading to hair loss. The almonds are rich in vitamin E and zinc, can reduce cholesterol, cure hair loss is a super food.

3.Shellfish promote cell regeneration, shellfish are rich in zinc, can help cell regeneration and maintain hormone balance, these healthy growth of hair are essential.

4.Beans add protein. Beans, especially black beans are good sources of protein and iron, nutrients for hair supplies.

5.Eggs, add multiple nutrition. Eggs and dairy products such as yogurt, is a good source of protein. Meanwhile, the egg contains selenium and magnesium, these minerals can help distribute the hair healthy charm.

6.Citrus to promote collagen synthesis. Citrus fruits in the Victoria C, helps the body absorb iron better, while the growth in collagen is very important, can help promote hair growth.

7.Raisins promote blood circulation of scalp. Iron-rich raisins, is conducive to the production of hemoglobin, can promote the blood delivery nutrient to tissues and organs of the body, hair growth and therefore greater power

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Article: Anti-hair loss and promote hair healthy food

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